PJM 6005 Northeastern University Week 1 Project Scope Management Plan Research Paper – Tasks: W1 Individual Assignment – Plan for Scope – Scope Management

PJM 6005 Northeastern University Week 1 Project Scope Management Plan Research Paper – Tasks: W1 Individual Assignment – Plan for Scope – Scope Management Plan (SMP)

Select 1 individual case from instructor case selections (see Course Materials)
Conduct independent research on selected case’s industry and relevant business functions to understand the organization’s business value chain activities
Please carefully read the attached Scope Management Plan (SMP) assignment guidance and sample SMP template (student version).
Individually – Create Scope Management Plan (SMP).
Submit SMP to Blackboard W1 assignment site – Due date – April 12th by 11:59 ET

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PJM 6005 Northeastern University Week 1 Project Scope Management Plan Research Paper – Tasks: W1 Individual Assignment – Plan for Scope – Scope Management
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Assignment Format:

– Double line spacing between paragraphs but 1.5 spacing within the paragraph,

– 12-point Times Roman,

– 1-inch margins,

– Please use footnotes or endnotes and citations,

– 12-14-point font, bold headings and subheadings,

– Please adhere to APA 6th edition conventions. PJM 6005 – Individual Assignment – Plan for Project Scope: Scope
Management Plan (SMP)
Overview and Rationale
For this assignment, you will create a project Scope Management Plan (SMP). Planning how
you will collect requirements and develop the project scope is critically important to
ensure the project scope development process is well thought out and meets customer’s
business needs.
Program and Course Outcomes
This assignment is directly linked to the following key learning outcomes from the course
Define and identify examples of project “scope” and “requirements”
Identify common components of the project scope management plan
Develop a high-level project scope management plan
In addition to these key learning outcomes, you will also have the opportunity to evidence
the following skills through completing this assignment:
Critical thinking and analysis
Problem solving
What is a Scope Management Plan (SMP)?
Like any plan, a scope management plan is a set of defined processes that are used ensure
that the project includes all the necessary tasks for a successful project.
The SMP focuses on defining how project scope is explained, developed, structured,
verified with the customer and managed.
By using a scope management plan, project managers can define and map their project, so
it remains within the agreed-upon scope.
The scope management plan helps project managers better allocate project resources in
such a manner that the project can finish on time, within budget and with the quality
expected by stakeholders.
As we learned in class, project scope management is about:
Planning the process to define the work that must be done over the course of the
Controlling and monitoring those processes,
Documenting and tracking to avoid scope creep when approving or disapproving
project changes,
Closing, including an audit of deliverables and assessing the outcome against the
Essential Components & Instructions
This individual assignment consists of the following activities:
a. Review all instructor-provided project case studies found in your W1 readings.
b. Select 1 case study to develop the scope management plan. Reminder: You will use this
case study for your remaining individual assignments.
c. Conduct online research on your case’s industry and also on relevant business functions
to understand the organization’s value chain activities. (Examples of business functions
are: Finance, Information Technology, Manufacturing/Operations, Marketing, Distribution,
d. Develop Scope Management Plan (SMP) for your chosen project. Please see SMP
template with instructions for students:
e. Please submit finalized SMP to Blackboard assignment tab on due date.
Assignment Format
Below are some key guidelines you will want to ensure you follow in creating this
Think of this short list as a quality control checklist, along with the attached grading rubric.
SMP template must be complete, pls submit in Ms Word (.doc, .docx) or .pdf formats
You should format the documents professionally
Please ensure that you remove all instructions (in red) and any examples provided
within the template
Please be sure to review the attached rubric. It along with these assignment instructions
will ensure you have a solid understanding of the assignment requirements.
Plan (SMP)
Grammar &
Above Standards
Scope Management Plan
(SMP) Content was indepth, logical and
represented effective
understanding of the
project and scope
management processes.
Meets Standards
Scope Management Plan
(SMP) Content was
effective, logical and
represented a good
understanding of the
project and scope
management processes.
Approaching Standards
Scope Management Plan
(SMP) Content was
mostly effective, mostly
logical and represented
mostly effective
understanding of the
project and scope
management processes.
Professional insights into
depth and breadth of
assignment – goes WELL
beyond assignment SMP
All work grammatically
correct with no
misspellings or
grammatical mistakes.
Expresses ideas and
opinions clearly and
concisely in a manner
appropriate to the
Demonstrates a
understanding SMP
purpose and scope
management processes.
All work grammatically
correct with rare
Demonstrates a basic
understanding of SMP
purpose and scope
management processes.
Minimal errors in
spelling, grammar,
sentence structure
and/or other writing
conventions but the
reader is able to
understand what the
writer meant.
Below Standards
Scope Management Plan
(SMP) Content was not
well developed nor
effective. SMP content
was lacked consistent
logic and represented
minimal understanding
of the project and scope
management processes.
Does not evidence a
base understanding of
SMP purpose nor scope
management processes.
Frequent errors in
spelling, grammar,
sentence structure,
and/or other writing
conventions that distract
the reader.
Not Evident
Scope Management Plan
(SMP) Content was not
developed and not
Understanding of the
project and scope
management processes
was not evident.
Evidences a very poor
SMP purpose and scope
management processes.
Writing contains
numerous errors in
spelling, grammar,
sentence structure, etc.
that interfere with
comprehension. The
reader is unable to
understand some of the
intended meaning.
Project Scope Management Plan
[Student – Template]
[Insert Project Name]
[Insert Project Name]
Version #
Key Differences
Scope Management Plan [Insert Version Number] | Page 2
[Insert Project Name]
Introduction ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 5
Approach………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 5
Roles and Responsibilities ………………………………………………………………………………….. 5
Scope Management Processes ……………………………………………………………………………. 5
Definition of Scope ………………………………………………………………………………………………..5
Creation of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Dictionary ………………………………….5
Deliverable Validation and Acceptance ……………………………………………………………………..8
Control Scope……………………………………………………………………………………………………….8
Scope Management Plan [Insert Version Number] | Page 3
[Insert Project Name]
The Scope Management Plan (SMP) is created during the project’s Planning/Definition Process Phase
and is considered a component of the Project Management Plan (PMP). The purpose of the Scope
Management Plan is to document the defined scope management approach and processes, as well as
the roles and responsibilities for Stakeholders participating in those processes.
The Scope Management Plan serves as a written reference guide. It describes how the project team will
define and develop the project scope, create the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), validate the scope,
verify completion of project deliverables, control the scope baseline, and handle scope changes.
The following sections are constructed to match the suggested heading structure for the Scope
Management Plan. Each section provides instructions and descriptions to help the reader understand
the section purpose and how to complete it.
Template style conventions are as follows:
Normal text
[Instructional text in brackets]
Example text in italics
Indicates placeholder text that can be used for
any project.
Indicates text that is be replaced/edited/deleted
by the user]
Indicates text that might be
replaced/edited/deleted by the user
As you complete the template, please remember to delete all instructional text (including this section)
and update the following items, as applicable:
title page
version history
table of contents
headers / footers
Scope Management Plan [Insert Version Number] | Page 4
[Insert Project Name]
[Describe the purpose of the Scope Management Plan and how scope will be managed throughout the
project. Information contained in this section should be tailored to fit a particular project’s needs.]
[Describe the activities, processes, and procedures used to manage the scope of the project. This section
describes the processes that will be used to prepare the project Scope Statement, create the Work
Breakdown Structure (WBS), validate completion of project deliverables, and control requirement
change requests to the project scope.]
Roles and Responsibilities
[Describe the Roles and Responsibilities of those involved in the Scope Management process. The
following table is provided as an example and can be extended to meet a project’s specific needs.]
Project Sponsor
Executive Project
Steering Committee (if
Project Manager
Key Stakeholder(s)
Project Team Members
and Subject Matter
Experts (SMEs)
Other Key
Scope Management Processes
Definition of Scope
[In this section, describe the approach to developing the project scope statement.]
Creation of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Dictionary
Scope Management Plan [Insert Version Number] | Page 5
[Insert Project Name]
[Discuss how the project scope is to be sub-divided into smaller deliverables in a Work Breakdown
Structure (WBS) and WBS Dictionary, and how these smaller components are managed during the
project. Provide a high-level WBS with accompanying WBS Dictionary components (Student Reminder:
This is a high-level WBS – we will develop a detailed WBS later in the Scope Management class)
Student Example:
This section contains the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and related information. The WBS and its
corresponding WBS Dictionary are important components of effective scope management.
Example: WBS
Level 1
1. Widget Management
Level 2
[Major Deliverables
i.e. phases]
1.1 Initiating
1.2 Planning
1.3 Executing
1.4 Closeout
Level 3
1.1.1 Evaluation and Recommendations
1.1.2 Project Charter
1.1.3 Milestone: Project Charter Completed
1.2.1 Preliminary Scope Statement
1.2.2 Project Team
1.2.3 Project Team Roles and Responsibilities
1.3.1 Project Execution Phase Kickoff Meeting
1.3.2 User Requirements
1.3.3 Design System
1.3.4 Hardware/Software
1.4.1 Audit and Procurement
1.4.2 Lessons Learned
Scope Management Plan [Insert Version Number] | Page 6
[Insert Project Name]
Student Example: WBS Dictionary
WBS Code
WBS Element Name
Description of Work
Widget Management
Automated System to
Manage Widgets
Tested and accepted
Widget Mgt System
Initiation of Project to
build Widget
Management System
Evaluation of options
and recommendations
Charter [include
additional deliverables]
Evaluation and
Evaluation and
Project Manager
Technical Analyst
Project Manager
Business Analyst
Project Manager
Business Analyst
Scope Management Plan [Insert Version Number] | Page 7
[Insert Project Name]
Deliverable Validation and Acceptance
[Document the project deliverables. Discuss how deliverables will be validated against the original scope
(e.g. business case or case study overview) and how deliverables will be formally accepted by Sponsor
and customer.
[Best Practice: Project deliverables should be formally accepted and signed off by the Project Sponsor
throughout the project and not held back as a single set of deliverables at the end of the project.]
Control Scope
[Describe the change process for making changes to the project scope to prevent scope creep.]
Scope Management Plan [Insert Version Number] | Page 8
client successes
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Drives Process Adoption and Shows Positive
Impacts on Quality and Productivity
General Merchandise/Retail
Services Provided: Developed and delivered a customized Project Management Training
Curriculum (6 courses) aligned with company processes.
Company: A Fortune 100 global retailer operating thousands of facilities worldwide.
Course participants have
demonstrated a 31% increase
The client’s IT division had an existing project management training curriculum
in their knowledge of project
that was not consistent with their processes. Participant feedback indicated that the courses
management tools and
were not well received and did not help them meet their goal of standardizing project
processes, even better than
management processes and knowledge across the organization. The client sought to replace
its current project management curriculum with a series of courses that could be customized to
seamlessly incorporate their processes, deliver the right information to the right level of employee,
and meet their training metrics requirements. The courses had to both focus on company
processes and be compliant with the industry-standard, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)
framework. In addition to the new course content, the client needed instructors who could deliver an engaging classroom experience to
support the adoption of concepts presented in the classroom.
Solution: PM College was called in to customize and deliver a series of courses targeted at different knowledge levels. They began
by conducting an initial needs analysis and developing a design document for each course. Working closely with the client during
all facets of development, PM College used its existing PMBOK-compliant curriculum and infused the content with client-specific
processes and terminology. Courses were developed in successive waves, allowing PM College to meet tight delivery timelines.
Pilots provided feedback to fine tune the content and flow of each course for delivery to the full participant base.
To date, nearly 2,000 client employees have participated in
the training program. In the last 18 months, more than 150
courses have been delivered in the US, Russia, Chile, India
and China with more scheduled for these and other sites
around the world. Pre- and post-course assessments show
that participants have demonstrated a 31% increase in their
knowledge of project management tools and processes,
even better than expected. Initial indicators from course
evaluations suggest that the greatest impact of this training
program has been on quality and productivity.
These early indicators have prompted the client to take
measurement to the next level, by putting in place a study
of behavior change to help validate that projects are being
managed more efficiently as a result of the training.
This training program is now in high demand across the
organization, with several other business and operating units
requesting access to the program.
“PMBOK” is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.
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PM Governance Combined with Agile Tools
Improves Delivery and Quality of Financial
Services Programs
Industry: Consumer Finance
Services Provided: PMO Team Development, Program Management,
Project Scheduling, Business Process Improvement, Methodology Enhancement,
Measurement and Metrics, Mentoring / Coaching, Agile Techniques, Workflow
Monitoring and Management
Company: A consumer finance company with locations across North America
Challenge: Changing state and federal regulatory compliance challenges caused
this company to reinvent its custom-built storefront and home office systems. The IT
and PMO teams were geared more for operational maintenance rather than for the
complexities of developing new systems. This resulted in an overwhelming workload
and schedule overrun measured in years. Project personnel had suffered through
turnover of staff and technologies, requiring numerous restarts and integration
challenges. Even basic business
requirements needed to be reAgile Tools and Methods
initiated. Little progress other than
some “wire frame” models and
Scrum meetings
discarded technologies had been
Small team leadership
Sprint planning sessions with BA, QA,
and business owner inputs
Bimonthly sprints
Information radiators using Atlassian’s
Burndown progress charts
Completion metrics
Quality assurance metrics
Kanban for process flow tracking
Work in Progress (WIP) limits for
improved time management
Use of story formats for task naming
Use of EPICs to sync with the work
breakdown structure
A years-overdue project was
brought to Operational Pilot,
saving millions in development
time. By applying agile
techniques the throughput of task
completions over time improved
by 400%, while rejection rates
of work submitted for QA testing
dropped from 30% to 5% over six
Solution: The company reached out to PM Solutions for a senior-level program
manager to take charge of the situation. He recommended a “back to basics”
approach, including a full project review and the establishment of stakeholder
ownership and project governance. Business requirements were then developed
to guide the team in the work necessary to succeed. Gradually introducing agile
techniques permitted a quick restart, with a series of sprints to develop “proof of
concept” components of the system.
The company already had Atlassian’s JIRA system for operational maintenance,
and PM Solutions expanded JIRA’s use by creating workflows and tools to apply
about pm solutions
PM Solutions is a project management consulting firm that
helps PMO, project, and business leaders apply project
and portfolio management practices to drive performance
and operational efficiency. Comprehensive offerings include
PMO transformation, project portfolio management process
improvement, program and project management resources,
and corporate training and competency development
delivered through the training division, PM College.
client successes
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the agile approach to a new development project. Embedding the PMO business analysts and quality assurance personnel with the
developers helped to improve timeliness and success rates for delivered work.
To help pace the work, a Kanban approach was introduced; this also assisted project management in tracking deliveries and
reporting progress to the stakeholders. Workload assignment overloads in a department tasked with supporting both new
development and operational systems, threatened to derail the project; however, introducing work in progress (WIP) limits improved
work throughput, and management effectiveness for the team.
The company next employed PM Solutions to develop a change management system that emphasized the early management
review of requirements and authorizations prior to work being assigned. This reduced the overall workload for the IT Department and
permitted company leadershi…
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