Harvard University Police Brutality and Law Enforcement Activity Essay I have attached 2 good examples of what i expect. My topic is about police brutality

Harvard University Police Brutality and Law Enforcement Activity Essay I have attached 2 good examples of what i expect. My topic is about police brutality and it is an informative speech so it shouldn’t be opinions in it.

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Harvard University Police Brutality and Law Enforcement Activity Essay I have attached 2 good examples of what i expect. My topic is about police brutality
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Sources to use and cite

https://issues2-abc-clio-com.db18.linccweb.org/Search/Display/1280529?terms=police+brutality&sTypeId=2 Full Sentence Outline
Boy Scouts of America transitioning to Scouts, BSA
Gain Attention: The Boy Scouts of America is an outstanding organization for
establishing a foundation for young boys to become men and to learn life skills to help
them thrive in their later years. Back during its humble beginnings from Lord Baden
Powell in England on Brown Sea Island, the Boy Scouts of America has carried on the
tradition of making quality citizens ever since 1910. However, with new shifts in political
correctness and issues involving equality for various groups, the Boy Scouts of America
is facing problems in 108-year-old policies to maintain their traditions while being an
equal-access opportunity.
Introduce Topic Clearly: The Boy Scouts of America is changing policies and even their
names to become an equal-access opportunity while trying to maintain their foundational
life skills, but they face backlash where people believe these changes go against
everything the Boy Scouts stood for in the first place.
Establish Credibility: I have received most of my research through the Northwest Florida
State College’s databases while showing my interest in the subject after serving 13 years
in the organization.
Preview Body of Speech: This speech addresses the issues the Boy Scouts of America are
facing with the public and how they are trying to cope with and adapt to it. To start off, I
will present statistics addressing how many members the Boy Scouts of America lost
with major policy changes including accepting gay scouts and accepting girls as well as
changing their name. Then, I will address two major policy changes in detail and the
reasons people or either for or against these changes in terms of the Boy Scouts of
America’s integrity to their traditions. Finally, I will discuss the Boy Scouts of America’s
plan to further snuff out backlash and adapt to the new policy changes.
Statistics on Boy Scouts of America’s Membership:
1. To begin with, more than 105 million boys have participated in the Boy Scouts of
America program, but according to an article by Warren Smith on “The Decline of
the Boy Scouts of America” in September 2, 2017, “membership fell by 6 percent [in
2014], the largest single-year decline in membership in the organization’s history.”
This was right after their new policy to accept openly gay scouts. After the Boy
Scouts decision to accept girls in the program, Mark Hemmingway’s article titled
“The Boy Scouts Admit Girls, Failure” posted on October 13, 2017 stated that
“earlier this year, the [Mormon] church … was pulling 185,000 older teens out of
scouting programs.” With the latest policy change in switching from Boy Scouts of
America to Scouts, BSA, Lindsay Elizabeth’s article from “FaithWire” posted on
May 9, 2018 claims that “already 425,000 boys have dropped out of the organization
thanks to [the Church of Jesus Christ for Latter-day Saints] cutting ties.” The Boy
Scouts of America faces dwindling membership numbers and are fighting to increase
membership while remaining politically correct.
Main Point One: In continuation, The Boy Scouts began their major shift in 2013 when
they announced they would accept openly gay scouts
1. To support, many people were for this change because it was a major step for LGBT
rights at the time, and more opportunities were being opened for those group of
people. Based on Oren Dorrell’s and Cathy Grossman’s article “Boy Scouts may
Welcome Gays” posted on January 29, 2013, “a campaign that lasted more than a
year … collected over 1.2 million online signatures at Change.org.”
2. However, even though many people were for this change, this marked the pivot point
for many others who saw it as the beginning of the end for the Boy Scouts of
America’s traditions. In an article by Doug Donovan titled “In the Wake of
Controversial Vote on Gay Ban, Boy Scouts of America Braces for Backlash” posted
on June 20, 2013, “Assemblies of God … have announced they will cut off financial
support to Scout troops because of objections to admitting gay boys.”
Main Point Two: Furthermore, the Boy Scouts began scrutinizing gender roles marking
another major step towards equality where they began accepting girls into the program
and changing their name.
1. To give an example, many people point out that Lord Baden Powell had nothing
against girls, and according to an article titled “Scouts’ Dishonor” published by the
New Criterion in the year 2017, “he and his sister Agnes started the Girl Guides, out
of which the Girl Scouts grew.” People who support this movement use this example
as a foundation that there was intent for both groups to be formed under the same
common goal and that merging them today is appropriate.
2. In contrast, people who disagree with this idea believe that the Boy Scouts should
keep a boys only program as well as leave the name as it reflects the culture and long
standing tradition of what the program originally stood for. In regard to an article
published by The New American on November 6, 2017, “many others have responded
to the BSA cultural cave-in by ending their involvement in the Boy Scouts program
and putting their boys into alternative programs such as Trail Life USA…”.
Plans for the Future: With everything else considered, the Boy Scouts of America has
expected declining membership and has put new policies in place to try to combat that.
1. The Boy Scouts of America has put in the Lion program for kindergartners as well as
allowing girls to join cub scouts first before ultimately allowing girls to join the older
youth program. With all of this in place, they also are marketing a “Scout Me In”
campaign to make their new policy changes more palpable for younger generations
before bringing it to fruition with older generations. This is all summed up by an
article published by the Scouting Newsroom on May 2, 2018 stating that “The Scout
Me In creative shifts the perspective by showing what it’s like to be a scout from a
kid’s point of view…where they get even closer to the experiences that Scouting
brings to life.” By attracting a younger audience, the Boy Scouts hope to implement
these plans within the following year while remaining faithful that it will grow on
other generations as the years go by.
Prepare Audience for Ending: Overall, The Boy Scouts of America is facing growing
problems in the face of political correctness, and they are striving to be everything they
stood for back in 1910 while remaining equal to everyone.
Summarize Speech: In Summary, The Boy Scouts, being known for its inclusiveness and
lifesaving skills for any situation, began to face backlash when they had the right to
discriminate against certain people or groups of people being that it is a private
organization. Now with new leaders in place, the BSA faces bigger problems in retaining
membership while being more inclusive with new policies accepting girls and people a
part of the LGBT community.
Reinforce Central Idea: In Conclusion, The Boy Scouts of America is and remains an
influential organization for young people, and people from both sides of the coin can
agree with that. With time, conflictions will boil down and it will be decided whether the
future of the Boy Scouts of America will be all inclusive, or will return to their roots and
keep their traditions from 100 plus years ago.
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Hemingway, Mark. “The Boy Scouts Admit Girls, Failure.” Weekly Standard, 13 Oct.
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“The BSA Launches Historic ‘Scout Me In’ Campaign Inviting Girls and Boys to
Experience Adventures Through a Cub Scout’s Point of View.” Scouting
Newsroom, 2 May 2018, https://www.scoutingnewsroom.org/press-releases/scoutme-in/. Accessed 10 July 2018.
Informative Speech Outline
The Controversy Surrounding School Uniforms
I. Gained Attention – You personally may have had to wear school uniforms in
any year you attended. Maybe your children or grandchildren will have the
experience of wearing them. For sure though, all schools near you must
make the decision of if it’s right for them. School uniforms are not just at
private schools, and they’re not a life or death situation, but they’re surely an
important topic to discuss.
II. Introduce Topic Clearly – Today, I’m going to cover both sides of the
controversy surrounding school uniforms.
III. Establish Credibility – I had to wear school uniforms from year 6 to 8. This
will not affect my speech though, as all my research comes from credible
sources in the Northwest Florida State College databases.
IV. Preview Body of Speech – In this speech, I will present to you the ideas of
people supporting or not supporting school uniforms. First, I will give you a
brief background on school uniforms. Second, I will share the supportive
side’s ideas on how school uniforms affect individuality, cost financially,
and if they make schools safer. Then, I will move to the ideas of people
against school uniforms on those same subtopics.
I. To start off with some background, an article from Phi Delta Kappan’s
March issue of 2018 explains the push for school uniforms originally started
in 1996 when the U.S. Department of Education urged it would reduce
violence and theft in schools, disable gangs to wear colors or symbols, and
help recognize when someone in the school was not actually a student. It
also goes on to explain that schools today are legally allowed to suppress a
student’s freedom of speech if the outfit is believed to disrupt the educational
setting, is lewd or vulgar, or promotes illegal activity. With this in mind, it
may help you decide what side you want to take and if it’s easier to take
away the risk of deciding whether or not something is appropriate by always
wearing the same thing, this case being a school uniform.
Main Point One:
Now, those supporting school uniforms argue that individuality is not in trouble,
uniforms make more sense financially, and it’s simply safer to have uniform rules
in place.
I. First, many parents believe school uniforms are great for a student’s sense of
individuality and creativity. For example, when having to wear the same
shirt or pants as the rest of the school, it encourages students to express
themselves through hair, jewelry, belts, and even enhancing the outfit with
complimentary backpack and lunchbox colors. In the July 2012 issue of
Tallahassee Magazine, it gives a total of 10 tips for students to get creative
and make their school uniform their own.
II. In addition, some people believe the debate of individuality is tied with the
cost, both of students’ mental health and literal financial ability of parents.
When kids wear the school uniforms, bullying goes down because no child
is separated for not wearing name brands or expensive clothing. In the
August 2014 edition of The Sun, they say uniforms are much easier to afford
than several different unique pieces of clothing, and hand-me-downs are still
an option.
III. To move on, government representatives sometimes side with some parents
in thinking uniforms are the safer option. For example, Florida
representative Janet Adkins was mentioned in the Tampa Bay Times on
April 2nd, 2015 because she sponsored a bill giving districts 10 dollars per
child to adopt uniform policies because she strongly believes uniforms make
schools safer.
Main Point Two:
Next, for every opinion there’s an opposing one. Some people take the side that
students do need individuality from a regular dress code, that parents are breaking
the bank for uniforms, and that there’s not good enough research showing uniforms
really decrease violence in schools.
I. I’m going to begin this side with the perspective of the people whose
individuality we’re discussing, the students. The Journal of School Violence
conducted research in October 2012 concerning a middle school that had just
implemented uniforms. An overwhelming 87.3% of students said that no,
they didn’t like wearing uniforms to school. In this same study, 60%
disagreed that uniforms made them worry less about appearance and said it
wasn’t any easier to go to school.
II. Equally important, parents paying for the uniforms and feeling that they’re
more expensive than buying regular clothes or letting their kids wear what
they already own. In the New York PR Newswire in September 2014, it
states “Americans spend around $1 billion per year on school uniforms.”
Some people feel it’s better to let parents make their own decisions on where
to spend their money and not be required to buy certain clothing. Likewise,
when schools have uniforms Scholastic Weekly’s edition from May 14, 2018
points out that parents have to buy two sets of clothes: one for home and one
for school.
III. Also, opposers of school uniforms argue there isn’t enough research to show
decreases in violence. For example, in Marian Wilde’s book from 2008,
Dress Codes in Schools, she shares that David Brunsma, an assistant
professor at the University of Missouri, analyzed two large databases about
national education and early childhood and development, and found no
positive correlation between uniforms and school safety.
I. Prepare Audience for Ending – To wrap things up,
II. Summarize Speech – the controversy surrounding the implementation of
school uniforms may never be solved between people. Although, you have
the freedom to choose your own side and be involved with what you think is
better for the school system in your area. There’s been a lot of research and
debate about it, and schools are changing every year with the coming and
going of students.
III. Reinforce Central Idea – Today I touched on some basic ideas and
viewpoints for school uniforms: the freedom surrounding students to express
themselves, the financial side of it all, and the safety it may or may not bring
to the educational atmosphere. Thank you for your time.
Works Cited
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Pros and cons of school uniforms – latest research in ongoing debate. (2014, Sep
10). PR Newswire Retrieved from
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July 2018.
Sanchez, Jafeth E., et al. “Uniforms in the Middle School: Student Opinions,
Discipline Data, and School Police Data.” Journal of School Violence, vol. 11,
no. 4, Oct-Dec2012, pp. 345-356. EBSCOhost,
doi:10.1080/15388220.2012.706873. Accessed 8 July 2018.
Savvy parents can save money on uniforms. (2014, Aug 19). The Sun Retrieved
from http://db18.linccweb.org/login?url=https://search-proquestcom.db18.linccweb.org/docview/1554292007?accountid=45763 Accessed 8
July 2018.
Terra Palmer, Calynne Hill. “Not So Uniform – A Fresh, Stylish Start to a New
Year.” Tallahassee Magazine (FL), sec. News, 1 July 2012. NewsBank,
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Schools, edited by Jill Hamilton, Greenhaven Press, 2008, pp. 11-16. Issues
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Underwood, Julie. “School uniforms, dress codes, and free expression: What’s the
balance? Requiring school uniforms may be less legally fraught than
implementing a school dress code.” Phi Delta Kappan, Mar. 2018, p. 74.
Academic Onefile.
incclin_owcc&sid=AONE&xid=fcc86afd. Accessed 8 July 2018.

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