Harvard School of Science Resume Writing 1-Find and research three online private career or resume centers in USA. For each one, provide their name, locati

Harvard School of Science Resume Writing 1-Find and research three online private career or resume centers in USA. For each one, provide their name, location, contact information (telephone and email address), and tell how they work. Tell also about the service they offer and how much each cost. Do they offer bundles? If so, what is include in each bundle and what is the cost for each bundle? Be thorough and detailed for each center and each service. Feel free to include any specials they offer along with any other important information. This is one assignment. 2-Here is pictures of readings, (1-cover letter) (2-presentations) (3-Resumes) and (4-Interviews). Provide three (3) detailed takeaways for each chapter. Be sure the takeaways are thorough and detailed. 3-there will be more picture for other topics. petial proj-
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Critical Thinking
In duului U encouraging a high-energy atmosphere, Google
meals and snacks, haircuts, car washes and oil changes, gym facili-
supports its employees with an exceptional list of benefits. Gourmet
ties, sports, language lessons, personal concierge services, day care,
running trails, medical and dental care-all these and more are
available at the Googleplex.
Before you apply for a job, why must you investigate carefu
the company’s background?
• What types of skills and background do you think Google
ers look for in a candidate?
How would you craft a résumé and cover letter so that it
stand out when it arrives at Google?
The Job Interview: Understanding Its
Importance, Purposes, and Types
Ajob interview, whether at Google or anywhere else, can change your life. Because employment
is a major part of everyone’s life, the job interview takes on enormous importance. Interviewing
is equally significant whether you are completing your education and searching for your first
serious position or whether you are in the workforce and striving to change jobs.
Everyone agrees that job interviews are extremely stressful. However, the more you learn
about the process and the more prepared you are, the less stress you will feel. It is also important
to realize that a job interview is a two-way street. It is not just about being judged by the
employer. You, the applicant, will be using the job interview to evaluate the employer. Do you
really want to work for this organization?
Understand the im
job interview, its p
its forms, includin
panel, group, seq
and online inter
This chapter will increase your interviewing effectiveness and confidence by explaining the
purposes and kinds of interviews and how to prepare for them. You will learn how to project a
professional image throughout the interview process, gather information about an employer,
and reduce nervousness. You will receive advice on how to send positive nonverbal messages
recruiters favorite question
Purposes of Employment Interviews
What kinds of being
might you encounter
at three things should you
achieve during a job
Moreoves you will receive pointers on significant questions you can ask during an interne
Finally, you will learn what you should do as a successful follow-up to an interview
U salary mate
Yes, job interviews can be intimidating and stressful. However, you can expect to a
an interview when you know what’s coming and when you prepare thoroughly. Remember
preparation often determines who gets the job. First, though you need to know the purposes of
employment interviews and what types of interviews you might encounter in your job search
An interview has several purposes for you as a job candidate. It is an opportunity to (a) convince
the employer of your potential. (b) find out more about the job and the company, and to
expand on the information in your résumé. This is the time for you to gather information about
whether you would fit into the company culture. You should also be thinking about whether
From the employer’s perspective, the interview is an opportunity to (a) assess your abilities
in relation to the requirements for the position; (b) discuss your training, experience, knowledge,
and abilities in more detail; (c) see what drives and motivates you, and (d) decide whether you
this job suits your career goals
would fit into the organization
Types of Employment Interviews
supervisors and colleagues. Usually seated around a table Interviewers take turns as
Panel Interviews. Pane interviews are usually conducted by people who will be you
questions Panel interviews are advantageous because they save the company time and money,
and they show you how the staff works together. When answering questions. keep eye contact
with the questioner as well as with the others. Try to take notes during the interview so that you
can remember each person’s questions and what was important to that individual
Group Interviews. Group interviews occur when a company interviews several candidates
for the same position at the same time. Some employers use this technique to measure leadership
skills and communication styles. During a group interview, stay focused on the interviewer, and
treat the other candidates with respect. Even if you are nervous try to remain calm, take you
time when responding, and express yourself dearly. The key during a group interview is to make
yourself stand out from the other candidates in a positive way
interviewers on a one-on-one basis over the course of several hours or days. You must listen
Sequential Interviews. In a sequential interview. you meet individually with two or more
carefully and respond positively to all interviewers. Sell your qualifications to each one: don’t
assume that any interviewer knows what was said in a previous interview. Keep your responses
more in-depth than first interviews, which means that you need to be even more prepared
fresh, even when repeating yourself many times over. Subsequent interviews also tend to be
and know even more about the company. According to Chantal Verbeek-Vingerhoed, head of
enterprise talent for ING, during subsequent interviews, “They dig deeper into your technical
skills, and make connections about how you’d add value and solve issues in the department. If
you know the exact job requirements and expectations, you can really shine
Stress Interviews. Stress interviews are meant to test your reactions during nerve-wracking
forced to wait a long time before being greeted by the interviewer, you may be given a test
situations and are usually used for jobs in which you will face significant stress. You may be
impossible time limit, or you may be treated rudely by one or more of the interviewers
Another stress interview technique is to have interviewers ask questions at a rapid rate. If asked
rapid-fire questions from many directions, take the time to slow things down. For example,
you might say, I would be happy to answer your question, Ms. X, but first I must finish responding
to Mr. Z If greeted with silence (another stress technique), you might say. Would you like me to
begin the interview? Let me tell you about myself. Or ask a question such as. Can you give me more
information about the position? One career expert says, ‘The key to surviving stress interviews is
to remain calm, keep a sense of humor, and avoid getting angry or defensive
Job applicants generally face two kinds of interviews: screening interviews and hiring/placement
interviews. You must succeed in the first to proceed to the second. Once you make it to the
hiring/placement interview, you will find a variety of interview styles, including one-on-one,
panel, group, sequential stress, and online interviews. You will be better prepared if you know
what to expect in each type of interview.
pose of screening
with an
eliminate those who fail to meet minimum requirements. Companies use screening interviews
to save time and money by eliminating lesser-qualified candidates before scheduling face.
campuses, many screening interviews take place on the telephone, and some take place online.
to-face interviews. Although some screening interviews are conducted during job fairs or on
series of ethics-related questions, and Wal-Mart screens cashiers, stockers, and customer service
For example, Lowe’s Home Improvement has applicants access a Web site where they answer a
on a phone keypad. Even more cutting-edge, some emplovers such as Hewlett-Packard
representatives with a multiple-choice questionnaire that applicants answer by pushing buttons
Microsoft, and Verizon are using Second Life, an online virtual community, to hold virtual job
fairs and to screen job applicants
During a screening interview, you will likely be asked to provide details about the education
and experience listed on your résumé, therefore, you must be prepared to sell your qualifications
Remember that the person conducting the screening interview is trying to determine whether
you should move on to the next step in the interview process.
A screening interview may be as short as five minutes. Even though it may be short, don’t
treat it casually. If you don’t perform well during the screening interview, it may be your last
interview with that organization. You can use the tips that follow in this chapter to succeed
during the screening process.
Hiring/Placement Interviews. The most promising candidates selected from
screening interviews are invited to hiring/placement interviews. Hiring managers want to learn
whether candidates are motivated, qualified, and a good fit for the position. Their goal is to learn
how the candidate would fit into their organization. Conducted in depth, hiring/placement
interviews may take many forms.
One-on-One Interviews. In one-on-one interviews, which are the most common type,
you can expect to sit down with a company representative and talk about the job and your
qualifications. If the representative is the hiring manager, questions will be specific and job
related. If the representative is from human resources, the questions will probably be more
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from a distance
companies such as Zappos con 10
have a webcam, Zappos sends one with a return label
Be pre .
phone call
does it
it any less seriously than a face-to-face interview.
and companies time and money, especially when applicants are not in the same geographic
Uus Save job applicants
location as the company. Even though your interview may be online via a webcam, don’t take
better prepared if you know what to do before, during, and after the interview.
No matter what interview structure you encounter, you will feel more comfortable and be
Before the Interview
What should you find
about a company pr
Once you have sent out at least one résumé or filled out at least one job application, you must
consider yourself an active job seeker. Being active in the job market means that you should
be prepared to be contacted by potential employers. As discussed earlier, employers often use
screening interviews to narrow the list of candidates. If you do well in the screening interview,
cribe what to do before an
erson or online interview,
ding researching the target
any rehearsing success
s practicing answers to
de questions, and cleaning
tal dirt.
you will be invited to an in-person or online job interview.
Take good notes during the phone conversation. Obtain accurate directions, and verify the
get all of their names.
spelling of your interviewer’s name. If you will be interviewed by more than one person,
Before you hang up, reconfirm the date and time of your interview. You could say something
like I look forward to meeting with you next Wednesday at 2 p.m.
Researching the Target Company
of the most important steps in effective interviewing is gathering detailed information about
Once you have scheduled an in-person or online interview, it is time to start preparing for it. One
a prospective employer. Never enter an interview cold. Recruiters are impressed by candidates
who have done their homework. In an Office Team survey, 47 percent of executives polled
said that the most common mistake job seekers make during interviews is having little or no
knowledge about the potential employer. 2
Visit the library, explore your campus career center, or search the Web for information and
articles about the target company or its field, service, or product. Visit the company’s Web site
and read everything. Call the company to request annual reports, catalogs, or brochures. Ask
about the organization and possibly the interviewer. Learn something about the company’s
history, mission and goals, size, geographic locations, number of employees, customers,
financial condition, strengths and weaknesses, and future plans. Also learn what you can about
the industry in which the company operates.
competitors, culture, management structure, names of leaders, reputation in the community,
Analyze the company’s advertising, including sales and marketing brochures. One
his knowledge of the company’s guidance systems. The candidate had, in fact, relieved the
aerospace contractor. During his initial interview, he shocked and impressed the recruiter with
interviewer of his least favorite task-explaining the company’s complicated technology.
probably the best source of inside information. Try to be introduced to someone who is currently
Talking with company employees is always a good idea, if you can manage it. They are
employed–but not working in the immediate area where you wish to be hired. Be sure to seek
out someone who is discreet.
Ensuring Professional Phone Techniques
marketing major, spent a great deal of time poring over brochures from an
interviews. Employers can judge how well applicants communicate by hearing their voices and
Even with the popularity of e-mail, most employers contact job applicants by phone to set up
expressions over the phone Therefore, once you are actively looking for a job, anytime the phone
rings, it could be a potential employer Don’t make the mistake of letting an unprofessional voice
mail message or a lazy roommate ruin your chances. To make the best impression, try these tips.
Invest in a good answering machine or voice mail service. Make sure that your outgoing
message is concise and professional, with no distracting background sounds. It should be
in your own voice and include your full name for clarity. You will find more tips for creating
Tell those who might answer your phone at home about your job search. Explain to them
the importance of acting professionally and taking complete messages. Family members
professional outgoing messages in Chapter 14.
or roommates can affect the first impression an employer has of you.
If you have children, prevent them from answering the phone during your job search.
Children of all ages are not known for taking good messages!
If you have put your cell phone number on your résumé, don’t answer it unless you are in a
good location to carry on a conversation with an employer. It is hard to pay close attention
and informal blogs, where they share anecdotes and information about their employers. You
can use these blogs to learn about a company’s culture, its current happenings, and its future
plans. Many job seekers find that they can get a more realistic picture of a company’s day-to-
day culture by reading blogs than they would by reading news articles or company Web site
information. Also join the company’s Facebook page, and start following the company on
Twitter to gather even more information prior to your interview.
when you are driving down the highway or eating in a noisy restaurant!
Use voice mail to screen calls. By screening incoming calls
, you can be totally in control
when you return a prospective employer’s call. Organize your materials and ready yourself
psychologically for the conversation.
in learning about a company, you may uncover information that convinces you that this is
not the company for you. It is always better to learn about negatives early in the process. More
likely though, the information you collect will help you tailor your interview responses to the
organization’s needs. You know how flattered you feel when an employer knows about you and
your background. That feeling works both ways. Employers are pleased when job candidates
take an interest in them. Be ready to put in plenty of effort in investigating a target employer
because this effort really pays off at interview time.
ed first
Making the First Conversation Impressive
Whether you answer the phone directly or return an employer’s call, make sure you are prepared
for the conversation. Remember that this is the first time the employer has heard your voice.
How you conduct yourself on the phone will create a lasting impression. To make that first
impression a positive one, follow these tips:
Keep a list near the telephone of positions for which you have applied.
Treat any call from an employer just like an interview. Use a professional tone and
businesslike language. Be polite and enthusiastic and sell your qualifications.
• If caught off guard by the call
, ask whether you can call back in a few minutes. Take that
time to organize your materials and yourself
Preparing and Practicing
After you have learned about the target organization, study the job description or job listing.
Knowing as much as you and about the position enables you to practice your best response
strategies prior to the interview.
The most successful job candidates never go into interviews unprepared. They rehearse
success stories and practice answers to typical questions. They also clean up digital dirt an
Chapter 16: Interviewing and Following Up
Chapter 16: Interviewing and Following Up
piah the
What is the purpose of a success
story during a job interview?
Set up a professional social networking page facebook Inkedin, ter
social networking sites to create a professional page Hany employers actually and
Information during their online Searches that convinces them to the candidates Make
sure your professional page demonstrates Brong communication hits, and well
Expect to Explain Problem Areas on Your Résumé. Interviewers are
you might emphasize your recent training and up to date skills if you have gaps in your
certain to question you about problem areas on your resume If you have little to expenente
résumé, be prepared to answer questions about them positively and truthfully. If you were
fired from a job, accept some responsibility for what happened and explain what you gained
from the experience Don’t Criticize a previous employer, and don’t hide the real reasons. It
you received low grades for one term explain why and point to your improved grades in
este pressous
attles insting to find a
for employers, and and
the interview, they decide what to wear, and they gather the lems they plan to take with the
paration bei
Rehearse Success Stories. To feel confident and be able to sell your qualification
prepare and practice success stories. These stories are specific examples of your education
and work-related experience that demonstrate your qualifications and achievements Look
the job description and your resume to determine what skills, training, personal characters
and experience you want to emphasize during the interview. Then prepare a success story to
possible. Your success stories should be detailed but brief. Think of them as 30 second sound bites
each one. Incorporate numbers, such as dollars saved or percentage of sales increase, whenes
Practice telling your success stories until they fluently roll off your tongue and sound natura
Then in the interview be certain to find places to insert them. Tell stories about (a) dealing with
a crisis, (b) handling a tough interpersonal situation, (c) successfully juggling many priorities
changing course to deal with changed circumstances, (e) learning from a mistake, working
may be asked and work out sample answers. Although you can’t anticipate precise questions,
you can expect to be asked about your education, skills, experience, salary expectations, and
Practice Answers to Possible Questions. Imagine the kinds of questions you
availability. Recite answers to typical interview questions in front of a mirror with a friend, while
driving in your car, or in spare moments. Keep practicing until you have the best responses
down pat. Consider recording a practice session to see and hear how you answer questions Do
on a team, and (9) going above and beyond expectations
subsequent terms
in the job hunt. Under the
circumstances, is it that
job seeker to steps to
Interviens when noten

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