Ronnie James Dio Rock And Roll And Beyond Music Assignment down below upload files are the essay and TA’s instruction and essay instruction, follow TA’s in

Ronnie James Dio Rock And Roll And Beyond Music Assignment down below upload files are the essay and TA’s instruction and essay instruction, follow TA’s instruction and make adjustmentTA comment: you have to relate your song to some kind of movement; be it socio-cultural/historical.For Dio, may I suggest linking him with the development of the genre of “power metal”? “Rainbow in the Dark” is often cited as an origin for this particular style. Writing a Music Essay
MUSC 2019
Luckily, this part has already been covered; you just chose your topic based on the assignment
outline—an artist active between 1960 and 2000.
Thesis Statement
Unlike a general topic sentence, which tells the reader what the focus of your paper is, a thesis
statement tells the reader exactly what you are arguing. Your thesis statement should appear in
your introduction and is usually 1 to 2 sentences in length:
“This article offers a new understanding of Leopold II’s imperial accession, positing the
coronation as a vibrant context for music culture. Contrary to narratives that position
Mozart’s concert above all others, I argue that this was far from the case according to his
contemporaries. During the coronation festivities the city hosted three theatre companies
and many celebrated musicians, including Ludwig Fischer, Johann Hässler, Vincenzo
Righini, Antonio Salieri and Georg Vogler, among others. Frankfurt was indeed filled
with musicians who cooperated with and competed against one another in the hope of
attracting substantial audiences comprised of the Empire’s elite.”
Things to Avoid:
– “This song is very emotional/beautiful” is not an argument, it’s an opinion.
– An artist’s popularity has little bearing on his/her/their impact on a given issue; do
not write an entire essay about how many no.1 singles the Beach Boys had.
– Do not write a biography of the artist/band.
Structure of the Essay
1) Establish your topic:
In 1779, Mozart wrote…
2) Thesis statement:
In this essay, I argue that the oboe in Mozart’s music…
3) Your evidence (How you will back up your argument, displaying to the reader
the format of the essay to follow):
To illustrate this, I will examine the use of the oboe in The Magic Flute,
Marriage of Figaro, and Don Giovanni.
Body Sections:
This section is where the bulk of your evidence goes— i.e. the three items you
mentioned above (The Magic Flute, Marriage of Figaro, and Don
Body 1) evidence from The Magic Flute
Body 2) evidence from Marriage of Figaro
Body 3) evidence from Don Giovanni
Writing a Music Essay
MUSC 2019
This section should wrap up your essay. Reiterate the important points from your
body paragraphs and how this evidence proves your thesis statement. Maybe
suggest future avenues of inquiry or point to the future in some way.
Musical Examples
Since this is a music essay, musical examples should feature in your essay. I know not all of you
are musicians, so I won’t be grading harshly when it comes to the accuracy of terminology, or
the level of musical details you include. I’m not expecting a dissertation on music theory, just
aim for clarity and precision.
Citation Style
I would prefer it if all the essays used Chicago/Turabian citations; however, if you are more
comfortable with APA or MLA, you can use those, as well. Just be consistent throughout your
paper. If your paper isn’t clearly in APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, you’ll lose marks for style.
1) The Killam Library has an entire collection dedicated to music: The Music Collection, located
on the first floor of the Killam Library, to the right of the service desks. This is an invaluable
2) Many excellent peer-reviewed secondary sources are available through Dalhousie’s libraries
site, provided by Novanet. This includes access to numerous scholarly journals (Cambridge
University Press, JSTOR, etc.), digitized books, and more! All of these are searchable via
Dalhousie’s website.
Things to Avoid:
-Please do not cite Wikipedia.
-If you want to cite a video, do not cite as a source—cite the publisher of this video
in question, Warner Music Group, Elektra Records, Geffen, etc. in accordance with the style of
your paper, preferably Chicago/Turabian.
1. Avoid spelling errors:
– This is pretty obvious.
2. Avoid statements of opinion:
– “This is a good song.” ?
– “His/her/their music is full of emotion.” ?
– “This song makes me feel like taking a summer walk in the park.” ?
– “The drummer is like a sushi chef, delicately cutting the meat.” ?
Writing a Music Essay
MUSC 2019
3. Avoid useless words like very and more:
– “This song is very conventional” ?
– “This song is conventional.”

“My sentence would be more clear if I left out useless words.” ?
“My sentence would be clearer if I left out useless words.”
4. Avoid wordiness. Simpler is almost always better:
– “The song illustrates this in many different ways” ?
– “The song illustrates this in different ways.”

“Elvis Presley was a man who was a musician.”
“Elvis Presley was a musician.”
5. Avoid passive voice when possible (this is when the subject of the sentence is
receiving the action of the verb; you always want the subject to doing the action).
– “The song was praised by critics.” ?
– “The critics praised the song.”

Look for the following queues to tell if your sentence is passive:
o [subject] is [verb]ed by [object]
o [subject] was [verbed]ed by [object]
o [subject] had been [verb]ed by [object]
o [subject] has been [verb]ed by [object]
6. Offset conjunctive adverbs (therefore, however, consequently, etc.) with commas
when they appear as interjections in a clause:
– “This song however does not display this.” ?
– “This song, however, does not display this.” ?
7. When conjunctive adverbs join two complete clauses together, use a semicolon
followed by a comma:
– “This example does not use a semicolon. However, the next one will.”
– “This example uses a semicolon; however, the previous sentence did not.” ?
Further Inquiries & Office Hours
I am holding office hours Friday May 17th & Saturday May 18th from 2-5 pm
My Office:
Dalhousie Art’s centre
Fifth floor, Rm 513C (Historical Instruments Room)
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail:
Writing a Music Essay
MUSC 2019
Good Luck!
Brayden Olson, TA.
Artist: Ronnie James Dio
Born in 1942, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Dio was an American heavy metal artist, and
composer. His father served in the U.S. Army during World War II, and the relocated to Cortland
New York a few years after his birth. During his career which began in 1957, he founded and
pioneered several groups which included Black Sabbath, Dio, Elf, Rainbow and Heaven & Hell1.
He was regarded as one of the greatest and most influential heavy metal artist of all time2. Dio
succumbed to stomach cancer in May 2010 at the age of 67 which he had been diagnosed in
2009. His legacy still exists until today as he was one of the renowned hard rock artists.
Song: Rainbow in the Dark.
It was his second most famous song which was released in 1983 and was featured in
debut album Holy Diver. The lyrics portray a feeling of being isolated and trapped and inhibited
to utilize and unable to demonstrate the tremendous potential that is locked inside oneself. This
was Dio’s recount of the isolation and rejection that he felt after leaving the Black Sabbath group
where he was an inspirational lead singer. He had quit the band over personal conflict.
Palto, Greg. “Ronnie James Dio | Biography & History | Allmusic.” Allmusic.
Accessed 11 May 2019.
Hann, Michael. “Ronnie James Dio: One Of Hard Rock’s Definitive Voices.” The
Guardian, Last modified 2010.
Brief Description
The song does not directly relate to any social issue or historical events, but the lyric’s
content is deemed as one of the great metaphor of the Great Depression one of the worst
economic downturns to have ever occurred in world’s history3. Dio’s recount which came out of
what he was undergoing involved the use of words as an analogy of what he felt at that particular
time. His message lives through all periods and portrays a sense of despair which mainly occur
in human nature but mostly resonate to the events that happened during the economic downturn
of 1929. Notably, some of the American citizens felt isolated and rejected during the financial
catastrophe which lasted a decade.
Alan, Mark. “Dio Featured On 80’S At 8 With “Rainbow In The Dark” [VIDEO].”
103.7 THE LOON, Last modified 2013.
Ronnie James Dio was indisputably one of heavy metal’s most talented and discernible
vocalists with his contributions to rock and roll music genre being visible until today. Through
his sequential efforts to initiate musical groups, he portrays the value he held on collaboration.
Beginning his musical career at a tender age, Dio was a serial member of bands which he had
solely or collaboratively founded. The Black Sabbath was one of Dio’s popular group that on the
fame and the success parameters which they enjoyed during that era. The groups which sung
famous lyrics such as Heaven and Hell, Mob rules and Live Evil seemed to be a promising
union, but Dio abandoned it. Dio had been fed up with the ‘singer for hire’ title that had been
bestowed to him by many, and his conflict with some group members motivated him to set out to
initiate his solo project which he called Dio4. The new outfit portrayed styles that were similar to
his previous bands but slightly had a commercial edge. His first solo albums were Holy Diver
and Last in Line which was launched in 1983 and 1984 respectively with both being racked up
for platinum sales. According to Palto, the artist later musical career thrived with later years
seeing him attempt to reunite with Sabbath members in early 90s and 2006 with the first reunion
failing to last long making him resort to solo projects from 1996.
The Great Depression is among the unfortunate but memorable occurrences to have
happened in the history of the world. The event had dire consequences across the globe with the
most impacts being from an economic and social perspective5. The effects of the Great
Depression were graver due to their magnitude and duration. The Great Depression was the most
Palto, Greg. “Ronnie James Dio | Biography & History | Allmusic.” Allmusic. Accessed 11
May 2019.
Hanes, Christopher. “The Great Depression in the United States.” Handbook of Cliometrics (2018): 1-37
significant and most prolonged economic recession in modern world history which occurred
between 1929 and 1934. This eventuality began with the United States stock market crash in
1929 and created other dire consequences with historians and economists citing it as the most
catastrophic economic event of the 20th century.
The Great Depression was a global economic depression that lasted for ten years. It was
the worst economic downturn in U.S. history and did not end until the end of the 1930s. The
catastrophe which began on October 24, 1929, led to the stock market crash. Over four days
since its unfolding stock prices fell 23 percent6. In periods preceding the D-day, the stock
market had been troubled with an overhaul of stocks occurring in August 1929 in spite of the
existing rise in unemployment and declining production. Many people later believed that these
indicators marked the start of the Great Depression which remained unnoticeable until the stock
market crashed. The crisis mainly struck the market economies with its effects of this recession
being felt in all aspects of the society. Some of the factors that were attributed as the cause of the
crisis and aggravated it includes the stock market crash which occurred in October 1929.
Secondly was the failure of banks. Throughout the 1930s over 9,000 banks had failed with those
that survived the economic situation being only concerned with their survival thus stopped being
at will to create new loans7.Next, there was a reduction in purchasing across the world. The stock
market crash and fears of further economic woes led individuals to be misers an instance that
Amadeo, Kimberly. “8 Ways A Dodd-Frank Repeal Hurts You”. The Balance, Last
modified 2019.
Khan Academy. (2019)”The Great Depression.” Khan Academy, Last modified
lessened the number of items produced hence a reduction in the workforce. Lastly was the
drought that was renowned as the Dust Bowl which was being experienced in the U.S.
Even though the Great Depression was relatively mild in some nations, it was severe in
others predominantly in the United States. By its height in 1933, the rate of unemployment in the
U.S. had risen to 25 percent from 3 percent of the nation’s workforce while approximately
37percent of all non-farm workers were entirely out of work8. This was caused by the effects of
the depression which cascaded across the U.S. economy when millions of people lost their jobs.
The wages of those who still had jobs fell, the Gross Domestic Product of the U.S. was cut by
half due to several reasons one of them being deflation. The unemployed citizens filled long
breadlines, begged for foods and hawked various commodities in the streets. The economy had
come to a standstill and no longer capable of assisting its citizens.
Fundamentally the United States was the primary victim of the Great Depression as it
incurred dire consequences from its occurrence hence was at the forefront in implementing
policies to address the eventuality. The first policy intervention was made at the early stage of
the crisis in 1930 during Hoover’s reign which was an implementation of Smoot-Hawley tariff.
The policy increased the already high U.S. tariffs on foreign agricultural imports inhibiting trade
the intervention policy which was aimed at supporting U.S. farmers that had been ravaged by the
crisis led to an escalation in food prices worsening the Great Depression9. The rule also
prompted other nations to retaliate with own additional tariffs forcing global trade down by 65
Benmelech, Efraim, Carola Frydman, and Dimitris Papanikolaou. “Financial frictions and
employment during the great depression.” Journal of Financial Economics (2019).
Mitchell, Broadus. The Depression Decade: From New Era Through New Deal, 1929-41: From
New Era Through New Deal, 1929-41. Routledge, 2017.
percent10. On realizing the severity of the situation that was caused by the regulation, Hoover had
to reverse the earlier approach and embraced government intervention.
Reconstruction Finance Corporation authorized the lending of $2billion to railroads,
banks, and private companies. After attaining a landslide victory in 1932, Roosevelt deployed a
hands-on strategy to resolve the predicament. He began by declaring a four day bank holiday
during which Congress passed an Emergency Banking Relief Act to stabilize the banking
system. Within 100 days of his administration, Roosevelt laid the groundwork for his New Deal
remedies intending to rescue the nation from its despair. The goals of this program were to create
and maintain the national infrastructure, full employment, and good wages11. Under the New
Deal Programs, there was an establishment of political alliance and labor unions among blacks
and other minority groups. The program was however unsuccessful and was believed to extend
the Great Depression by at least seven years.
The events of the Great Depression to a great extent related to the events recounted in
Dio’s song. Despite America and its citizens having great potential to enhance their economy
and standards of living the encounters of the economic downturn rendered them helpless and
isolated. In the first stanza, Dio narrates how the occurrence of the lighting brings him down and
makes him lost and never found. This resonates with the fates that befell of some American
citizens and organizations that ceased to operate or were derailed by the economic catastrophe.
Irwin, Douglas A. Peddling protectionism: Smoot-Hawley and the great depression. Princeton
University Press, 2017.
Fishback, Price V. “New Deal.” In Banking Crises, pp. 241-250. Palgrave Macmillan, London,
Typically, ten years was a long duration for the American economy to revamp an instance that
probably saw some of the citizens and companies incur irreversible damages.
The second stanza begins by Dio stating that he cried out for magic and felt it dancing in
the light, but it was cold and lost its hold to the shadows of the night12. Similarly, different
stakeholders in the American economy must have raised their grievances to the government for
assistance which could be likened by Dio’s act of crying out for magic. Unfortunately, the steps
that the government implemented to liberate the citizens and the economy at large proved futile
and can be likened to the instance Dio states that he felt magic dancing in the light hut he lost its
hold to the shadows of the cold night. The cold of the night could be associated with the harsh
conditions that the citizens had to persevere for instance as I had been mentioned earlier the rate
of unemployment rose significantly, several banks collapsed indicating that other businesses
could also not survive. The unemployed citizens could not afford essential commodities such as
food and had to beg and hawk in the streets to earn meager income for their livelihood which
made it difficult for them to cope.
In the preceding stanzas, the artist asks the audience if their demons ever let them go
and if they tried whether they hide deep inside. In the final verse, he indicates that there were no
signs of morning coming and he had been left on his own like a rainbow in the dark13. This
depicts the extent of despair that he felt which could be associated with what the American
citizens were undergoing. They had probably thought that the economic depression would only
Dio, Ronnie James. Holy Diver. Rainbow In the Dark.1983.Retrieved from
Dio, Ronnie James. Holy Diver. Rainbow In the Dark.1983.Retrieved from
last a few years only to last a full decade which was a prolonged duration. The longevity of the
period may have made them lose hope instances that were aggravated by the occurrence of
World War II barely the recovery of various economies across the world.
Ronnie James Dio was a heavy metal rock artist that was born in 1942 and died in 2010.
During his career, he oversaw invention of distinct bands and groups. His departure from Black
Sabbath group to embark on individual projects made him feel isolated and rejected. As a result,
he composed the song Rainbow in the Dark in 1983 which is perceived as a metaphor of the
Great Depression of 1929 to 1939. The economic catastrophe whose first signal was the crash of
the American stock market spread to other parts of the globe. America was, however, hit hard
since it underwent severe consequences including an escalation of the unemployment rate and
collapse of banks and other financial institutions. Most of the recounts described in Dio’s song
Rainbow in the Dark associates with events that the American citizens underwent during the
Great Depression.
Alan, Mark. “Dio Featured On 80’S At 8 With “Rainbow In The Dark” [VIDEO].” 103.7 THE
LOON, Last modified 2013.
Amadeo, Kimberly. “8 Ways A Dodd-Frank Repeal Hurts You”. The Balance, Last modified
2019. https://www.t…
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