ECO202 Korean language Service Learning Paper i attached the instruction and papers that i wrote previously. and i also attached two of my friends paper th

ECO202 Korean language Service Learning Paper i attached the instruction and papers that i wrote previously. and i also attached two of my friends paper that they did it in previous semesters. professor is same but the instruction might little different. but they did same service learning as mine so it will help you to write my paper. it doesn’t have to be 7 page. just need to be minimum 4-5 pages with double space. you don’t really need to care about the grammar. please just use simple word and easy grammar. COE 202: Service Learning Paper & Revised Service Learning Paper
(a) Service Learning Paper: You will write a 4-7 page paper on your service learning
experience, social issue research, interviews, and personal reflections about this
experience. You will submit this paper for in-class revision and feedback and its content
will include the following:
Section One: Introduction
What is the history and purpose of your service site?
Based on your interviews, research, and service, do you agree that your site is
fulfilling its purpose? Why or why not?
What community service paradigm does your service site best fit (i.e., charity, project,
social change)? Why?
Please explain using information from The Irony of Service class reading by
Keith Morton.
Section Two: Social Issue Research (2-3 pages)
What social issue was your service learning site addressing to fulfill its purpose?
What is the current state of this issue (e.g., in Las Vegas, in Nevada, in the world)?
Must include at least 2 scholarly sources supporting your assertions about this
social issue (e.g., policy briefs, journal articles)
What would the ideal state of the world be if this issue was solved?
How did your service learning site address or not address this social issue? Why?
How can you address/change this social issue now and in the future?
Section Three: Service Learning Experience (1-2 pages)
o How did you serve your community during your service hours?
o Reflect on serving at the same service leaning site multiple times. How did this
repetition affect your overall experience?
Did your service change at this site over these three months? If so how?
What were your expectations going in and did this experience meet them?
Section Four: Making a Difference (1-2 pages)
Has your service at this site made a difference in the way you view:
Service learning (Why or why not?)
The social issue your site was addressing (Why or why not?)
Your future career (Why or why not?)
Your perspective on the world (Why or why not?)
Has your service at this site made a difference for the site itself? (Why or why not?)
What have you learned from this experience? (e.g., personally, professionally, other)
What changes do you want to bring about for either this social issue or a different social
issue in the future? Please explain.
What effort or type of service is most meaningful to you?
What outcomes would you expect from your effort or type of service?
Your paper will include these headings (corresponding with the grading rubric):
Social Issue Research
Service Learning Experience
Making a Difference
COE 202: Service Learning Paper and Peer Revision Rubric
Criteria Explanation
Provided thoughtful and clear answers to provided questions with
consideration for the audience..
Social Issue Research
Provided thoughtful and clear answers to provided questions in 2-3 typed,
double spaced pages with consideration for the audience..
Included at least two scholarly sources supporting the assertions made
about the social issue.
Provided thoughtful and clear answers to provided questions. in 1 typed,
double spaced page with consideration for the audience..
Provided thoughtful and clear answers to provided questions in 1-2 typed,
double spaced pages with consideration for the audience..
Organization of the paper is logical and easy to follow. Writing is clear and
legible, with proper use of grammar. Paper has been edited and includes
appropriate citations/references in either MLA or APA. Excellent
participation during the workshop with thorough peer revisions.
Service Learning
Making a Difference
Writing and Peer
Revision Workshop
Hyein Cheong
Professor Nathan Slife
COE 202
Nov. 30 2016
Service Learning Paper Final – Draft
My service learning was going to Korean Language Tutor. It is hold on every
Wednesday at 7:30 P.M at Student Union. I thoughts about social issue that my service
learning addresses, and I have two social issues. First, Korean language tutor addresses the
expensive cost of learning new languages. As I started to learn English and Japanese from
when I was really young, it cost me lots of money to learn the languages. It is not just for me,
but for the whole society, there is lack of opportunities to learn new languages, and when
there is an opportunity, it is very expensive. My coordinator told me that though this Korean
language tutor is really small thing, so it might not make a big change. However, it is first
step to solve the social problem for the whole community. Our class have many different
students. Some students are American student, Asians, and other students from different
countries. Students who attended our classes would later be able to teach other students with
their own languages. I think this is a one first step to solve the social problem.
Another social issue that my service learning project addresses is stereotyping about
Asians or Koreans. Many people have stereotypes about Asians. I lived in United States for 5
years including this year. There was sometimes I thought about what is it like to be Asian,
because some people have strong stereotypes about us. For example, they think all Asians
will be really good at math, and will like Chinese foods. Some people don’t know that
Samsung is Korean company. In our Korean school, we not only teach Korean language itself,
but also teach Korean culture and history. Our instructor and we try hard to give accurate
information and cultural experiences to students by researching different sources and
historical figures. Teaching them about us will help them reducing the stereotypes. However,
this might night change the whole society with this social issue. We again think it is one small
step to help solving the social problem.
The two social issues that Korean Language tutor addresses are hard to solve.
Expensive cost of language is especially hard to control. However, it can be solved by
creating more opportunities to learn. Korean language tutor is one of the opportunity. It is
totally free for all students and for the whole community. Anyone who want to come can
come, and we provide lecture and one by one tutor for each student. Asian stereotypes are
more hard to solve. Stereotypes are something that all people have. I also have some
stereotypes about Americans. These stereotypes are sometimes good, but sometimes it blocks
that way people think about other people, and also leads to biases. By fixing the stereotypes
students have about Asians as well as Koreans at Korean language tutor, it would be a small
step to start.
I went to Korean language tutor every Wednesday night for twice a month. Each
class is about one and half hour or two hours. I have work on Tuesday night, and four classes
in a low on Wednesday. I always felt really tired and not feel like going to the tutor. However,
every time I go there, everyone was welcoming me and always thanking me for teaching
them. I felt proud of myself to do this service learning everyday.
By going to the service learning multiple times, I started to recognize the students
who come to class. One old man I tutored was really enthusiastic to learn Korean. He was
really good at it, and had mid-level on Korean. He was just lack of grammar and
pronunciation skills. I focused on teaching him the grammar. He also always asked me what
the words are meaning, and always thanking me to teach him. Another girl in class was
planning to go to Korea on next March. She loves all K-pops, K-drama and Korean culture.
She was proudly showing us all the list of drama she watched, and we share the best part of
the drama we watched. Before beginning of the class, we always put Korean pop music, and
sing all together or even dance. All of these experiences were really enjoyable. I didn’t feel
like I am serving, but I felt like I am playing or learning with them. I was surprised about the
improvement of students. One other students asked me to teach how to type Korean on her
laptop. I showed her how to, and next time when I went to Korean Language tutor, she could
even text Korean on her phone. Every time when I saw their improvements, I felt more
enthusiastic and proud of myself.
One thing that students most felt hard to learn were grammar and pronunciation.
There are more difficult grammar and pronunciation rules in Korean than English. When
there were trick grammar rule hiding in sentences, we focused on teaching the basic rule, and
how the rule applies to the sentences. Moreover, when we teach new words or grammar, we
made stories about historical figures containing the words or grammar in it. We made each of
them concise either in English or Korean, and let students translate it into each languages.
Service learning I did was related to my future job, which is becoming a manager at
an event company. From this service learning, I learned how to teach students. I had to
explain the rules, and how to use the rules into the sentences. When there are questions, I
answered them and solved them. It is similar to what managers has to do with their
employees. As a manager, I will teach them job duties, company rules, and other things in our
event company. Moreover, the service learning change my view and perspective about
Americans (or other students). I didn’t know that many students will be enthusiastic to learn a
language that I speak. From my first grade in elementary school, I tried to learn English for
my future. I never thought that someone would love to learn Korean, because I spoke Korean
from when I was born. I taught English grammar and words as a teacher assistant in SAT
academy, but I never taught Korean before. It was brand new experience for me to teach my
As we started the semester, all four Koreans in our COE202 class started to go to
Korean language tutor. Before we started to attend Korean language tutor, there was only one
instructor at there. The coordinator told us that by having us, they have more people to teach
students one by one, so that we can fix the grammar or teach pronunciation of each students.
Since I am not a student at Korean language tutor, but I am a teacher, I had to prepare
myself everyday before going to the class. I sometimes researched historical figure, or
sometimes reviewed the grammar rules before going to the class. However, overall
experiences for me at Korean Language tutor was very enjoyable. Since I was young, I
always had requirement of doing service learning such as picking up the trashes at the school.
Unlike those service learning, this service learning was not hard, but fun. I learned the
happiness of teaching students my languages. I would love to see other people coming more
to Korean Language tutor, so that more people would be able to have opportunities to learn
language that they want.
Bae 1
Seung-Ju Bae
COE 202.1004
Nathan Slife
9 May 2016
Service Learning Reflection Paper Final – Korean School
I heard about this Korean school from ARK (Association: Representing Koreans of
Las Vegas) when I first started the school back in 2014. I knew about ARK when I attended
the event where all different clubs come together to introduce themselves to incoming
freshmen. ARK is an association to help those Korean students studying abroad in Las Vegas
to successfully finish their school life by getting help from those Korean students have been
stayed in Las Vegas for long years with much more experiences. One of the programs that
they provide to non-Koreans is called Korean School to help those students who are eager to
learn about Korean. I was interested in involving in this Korean School since my mom had
worked as a teacher back in Korea for about 30 years. I have been volunteering at this Korean
School from my freshman year. This Korean school is held at every Wednesday from 7:30
p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the meeting room in the student union. I went to Korean School every
Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. to welcome all the students and prepare the materials for the class.
In order to teach two hours’ length of materials to the students at the Korean School,
I had to review the vocabularies and the grammars that I will be going over in the class. I
studied the materials beforehand to be able to answer any questions that the students might
ask me. I tried to come up with the easiest way to teach grammars and the vocabularies to the
students since most of the students were the beginners. I often visited few websites that
provided useful information for teaching Korean to whom Korean is not their first language. I
devoted myself to help as many students as I could since we were short on the numbers of
Bae 2
assistant teachers at the Korean School. Whenever we asked students to come up with
sentences using new grammar and the vocabulary, I tried to help students individually to
correct their sentences and explain what was wrong with their sentences. Correcting the
sentences and explaining at the same time took the majority of class time, but I was happy to
help because I could see the progress in their level of Korean.
I and the person who is in charge of this Korean School are known each other for
more than 2 years and he said that he was surprised by how I am a better teacher than back in
two years ago. He thanks me for volunteering at this Korean School for more than two years
and coming as often as I can to help him out on making the materials and assisting students in
the class. He is looking forward to having me as an assist teacher in this program as long as
possible since there is no one coming to this Korean School in a continuous period of time.
He also said that he is looking forward to having some students mastering the Korean before
he graduates this school. He and I feel proud as we see more numbers of students mastering
the grammars of Korean.
As I am serving at the same service learning site multiple times, I am having both
positive and negative effect on my overall experience. Positively, I can tell myself that I am
being a better teacher over several times of teaching. I also build stronger relationship with
my students since they have known me over two years. I like how they try to share their daily
routine or any exciting things that they have done over weekend in Korean. They cannot
perfectly deliver the message that they want to say but I can tell that they are much better at
saying all the words compared back in two years ago. I like researching different stuff as to
prepare for the class material since it sometimes helps me to remind me of the events that
occurred back in our history. Not only those students coming to our class learn Korean and
the history of our country but also I learn the historical events by researching for the class
material. I moved to America when I was only 15 years old and I barely learned about our
Bae 3
historical events. Negatively, we have decreased number of new students coming into the
class to learn Korean since we provide the class material by the average level of the class
rather than one to one levels’ of Korean. The number of assistant teachers volunteering at our
Korean School is too few to provide such one to one teaching or small groups with different
levels of Korean that they possess.
The pros side of this experience that I can personally relate myself to my mom since
my mom used to a teacher back in Korea about 24 years. I feel like I am following my mom’s
foot step. This experience of teaching at Korean School kind of reminds me that of my mom
used to tell me that “don’t follow my foot step of being a teacher because you are more like
your dad who loves to go out to the world to see different types of people out there.” The
cons side of this experience that I kind of agree that I am more like my dad than being my
mom. I like communicating with different people with different languages and cultures since
I feel like I can share my own experiences back in my home country with their experiences
back in their home country. The other cons side that I can think of is that since the class
material that we cover in the class is about the elementary school levels of Korean in Korean,
I sometimes get bored on waiting for them to finish reading and reviewing it.
My expectation as I am teaching at this Korean School for more than two years is
that I expected the students be better off with their levels of Korean and be able to go out and
talk to Korean people whenever they wanted. I do not want them to be left out in Asian
community just for the fact that they cannot speak Korean, Japanese, or Chinese. As when I
was learning English back in six years ago, I was so lonely and depressed because of the fact
that I could not communicate with anyone in America. In order to have flexible
communication with anyone who speaks Korean in America, it is important for me as a
teacher of the School to guide those students in learning Korean in easier and corrective way.
I do not want them to go over the feelings that I have felt when I was learning English. I want
Bae 4
them to be always proud of themselves in just giving a tryout on learning new language.
Learning a new language is a something that only few numbers of people decide to do on
their entire life. I respect those individuals who master second language.
Points of Learning
Since I am majoring in the hospitality and planning to work at the hotel as a member
of human resources department, this service learning experience was more like professional
learning to me. In order to give out lectures to the students coming into my class, I had to
study the vocabularies and the grammars beforehand to be expert myself to answer any
question that might come up during the class time. To work as the member of human
resources department, I have to be aware of everything from how the hotel operates, and what
rules that we follow to keep our business going on. By devoting my time volunteering at the
Korean School, I have gained different skills for teaching students in more efficient ways by
using different teaching methods including power points, videos, and stories. In the near
future when I have to train people, I can come up with different methods of training them. I
can possibly come up with power points explaining the job expectations in written part,
personal speech based on experiences of how I took multiple steps to learn about the job, and
different videos showing how different positions need different skills and how it can be
adopted. As I am continuously spending time at the Korean School helping and teaching
students, I feel like I am being more comfortable talking to a large group of people and be
more concise and precise on the material that I have to deliver. I am planning to continue on
my volunteering at the Korean School till I graduate.
In personally, I kind of can relate this service learning experiences to our readings of
A Hope in the Unseen. The book A Hope in the Unseen is about Cedric, who grew up in the
city where most of his friends and neighborhoods are drug dealers and carry guns, trying to
achieve his goal by not following his friends but following the teachers at Ballou high school.
Bae 5
What I mean by that is Cedric is trying to learn from his teachers at the school to follow what
their teachers have done to be a teacher at the school. The role of the teachers at the Ballou is
critical to Cedric since they are the only ones who Cedric believes his goals can be achieved
by. Mr. Momen, who is the physics teacher at the Ballou high school, allowed Cedric to stay
in his class when Cedric was only a freshman and was not enrolled in the class. When Mr.
Momen handed out the worksheet of the sophomore level to Cedric, Cedric finished it much
earlier than others in the class and Mr. Momen saw t…
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