Which of the following statements is true about biology and sexual dysfunction? Psychotherapy alone often cures biological sexual dysfunction. Biology rarely plays a role in sexual dysfunction. Biological sexual diffic

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Which of the following statements is true about biology and sexual dysfunction? Psychotherapy alone often cures biological sexual dysfunction. Biology rarely plays a role in sexual dysfunction. Biological sexual diffic
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there is 59 questions to be answered

  1. Which of the following statements is true about biology and sexual dysfunction?
  1. Psychotherapy alone often cures biological sexual dysfunction.
  2. Biology rarely plays a role in sexual dysfunction.
  3. Biological sexual difficulties are the fault of the person (lack of exercise, bad diet, etc.).
  4. Drugs used to treat physical conditions like diabetes can cause sexual dysfunction.

2. As part of their sex therapy program, will and melissa practice several touching exercises that involve carssing and stroking body areas other than the genitals —exercises called

  1. stop – start assignments
  2. Erotic exploration
  3. Sensate focus
  4. Reciprocal massage

3. Hypogonadism is usually treated with

  1. Estrogen
  2. Viagra
  3. Aspirin
  4. testosterone

4. One often-recommended treatment for anorgasmia is

  1. Viagra, cialis, or levitra
  2. Systematic desensitization
  3. The squeeze technique
  4. Directed masturbation

5. If you observe and monitor your sexual performance when you are with a partner instead of fully participating (submerging) yourself in the sexual experience, you are

  1. More likely to have an orgasm
  2. At risk of developing voyeurism
  3. Spectating
  4. Likely to develop a positive sexual attitude

6. To treat sexual dysfunctions, who pioneered using behavioral techniques such as non-demand pleasuring?

  1. William masters and virginia johnson
  2. Alfred kinsey
  3. Helen singer kaplan
  4. Sigmund freud

7. The most common technique specifically designed for treating premature ejaculation is

  1. Sensate focus
  2. The squeeze technique
  3. Directed masturbation
  4. Systematic desensitization

8. Every time jennifer’s partner greg attempts to enter her vagina, he is unable to do so because her pelvic muscles spasm and close the entry to her vagina. Jennifer is experiencing

  1. Vaginismus
  2. Desire disorder
  3. Arousal disorder
  4. Dyspareunia

9. Which of the following is the correct term for never having reached oragsm?

  1. Orgasimc incontinence
  2. Inhibited orgasm
  3. Anorgasmia
  4. antiorgasmia

10. Which of the following is true of dyspareunia?

  1. It is reported only in females
  2. The pain may come in many forms, because male and female genitalia are different
  3. It is reported only in males
  4. It will not lead to other dysfunctions

11. Stefan always ejaculates before his partner has an orgasm, although he would like very much to ejaculate after his partner has an orgasm. Stefan has

  1. A lot of time to think about finding another girlfriend
  2. Premature ejaculation
  3. Control syndrome
  4. Desire disorder
  5. Inhibited orgasm

12. In women, a major cause of sexual aversion disorder is

  1. Having a partner with a sexual aversion disorder
  2. Depression
  3. Having a history of inhibited sexual desire
  4. Having a history of sexual trauma

13. Our guest speaker Dr. Irwin Goldstein:

  1. Appeared with his wife sue goldstein, who spoke about people’s rights to sexual health
  2. Believes that intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUCs or IUDs) are better long-term birth control than hormone-based contraceptive pills
  3. Believes that thin bicycle seats can cause groin injuries that cause sexual difficulties
  4. All of these statements are true

14. Frank and Brad like to dress in women’s clothing. They say that they become highly sexually aroused when doing so. They are by definition

  1. Transsexuals
  2. Characters in the rocky horror picture show. (not the correct answer, do not choose)
  3. Sexual sadists
  4. Transvestites
  5. exhibitionists

15. Some people like to have sex while someone esle watches them. But the paraphilla of exhibitionsim is diffrent from these more common forms of exposure because

  1. Exhibitionsists need to shock or surprise a stranger
  2. Amateur porn sites (like chat roulette) have made exhibitionsim very easy do to
  3. Exhibitionsists need to sexually excite others
  4. Exhibitionsists need to have an enthusiastic audience

16. According to the strict definition of the word “fetish”, a person who has a fetish is someone

  1. Who can be aroused only when beaten
  2. Who desires to have sex with animals or children
  3. Who exposes himself or herself (for example, at a shopping center.)
  4. Who uses non-living objects to become sexually aroused

17. Larry is sexually aroused by men’s underpants. What type of paraphilia does he have?

  1. Coulrophobia
  2. Autogynephilia
  3. Exhibitionsm
  4. Fetishism

18. Typically, which of the following describes a transvestite? Usually, transvestites are

  1. married , heterosexual males
  2. Single, transsexual or transgender males
  3. Single, homosexual males
  4. Bisexual males (married or unmarried)

19. Why do people develop masochism? According to Dr. weinrich, one likely explanation is that when they were children, masochists imprinted on an association between parental affection and

  1. Punishment
  2. Feelings of rebellion
  3. Rejection by peers
  4. nudity

20. Which of the following is usually true of sexual masochists?

  1. They like to experience pain at unpredictable intervals (time periods)
  2. Sexual arousal will usually occur only in response to a particular form of pain
  3. Sexual arousal will occur regardless of where on the body pain is inflicted
  4. They give pain to their partners but don’t like receiving pain themselves

21. Little research has been done on sexaul behaviors among nudists. Professor weinrich suspects, however, which of the following things might be true about children raised in nudist families? He suspects that such children may:

  1. Be more likely to have leather or rubber fetishes in adulthood
  2. Be less likely to be harmed by playground exhibitionists
  3. Have higher levels of sex gulit in adulthood
  4. Reach the developmental stage of gender constancy later than non-nudist children

22. By definition, obtaining erotic pleasure from displaying one’s genitals in public is called

  1. Frotteurism
  2. Anodysm
  3. Exhibitionsim
  4. voyeurism

23. How do anti-androgen medications help treat paraphilic behaviors (such as pedophilia)?

  1. They help decrease sexaul appetite (desire) and make erections less likely
  2. They eliminate paraphilic urges and change a person’s sexual behavior
  3. They castrate the individual permanently, but with chemicals instead of surgery
  4. They rewire parts of the brain in which paraphilic attractions are learned and stored

24. Pairing undersirable sexaul behavior with negtive stimuli, such as mild electric shocks, is a treatment technique called

  1. Aversion therapy
  2. Chemical castration
  3. Desensitization
  4. Orgasmic reconditioning

25. Obscene telephone calling is a paraphilia called

  1. Telephone necrophilia
  2. Telephone exhibitionism
  3. Telephone frotteurism
  4. Telephone scatolgia

26. By definition, touching or rubbing of one’s body against a nonconsenting person is called

  1. Voyeurism
  2. Frotteurism
  3. Anodysm
  4. exhibitionism

27. Dean was a rapist convicted back in 1935. His recommended treatment was the surgical removal of his testes. Why was his UNlikley to “cure” Dean totally of raping

  1. It would have acted to increase dean’s sex drive
  2. Sharply reducing testosterone doesn’t always eliminate sexual behavior
  3. The testes make sperm, but otherwise are not involved in sexual activity
  4. Because his genitals wouldn’t work normally, he would begin to fondle children

28. Dr. weinrich’s lecture on paraphilia mentioned which of the following topics the most?

  1. Zoophilia
  2. Dacryphilia
  3. Acrotomophilia
  4. Foot and shoe fetishism

29. Someone at work has been sexually harassing you. The textbook lists steps you can take that might help stop the harasser. Which of

The following is not one of those steps?

  1. Convey a professional attitude
  2. Maintain (keep) a record of the dates and times that harassment occurred
  3. Try to be alone with the harasser to gain evidence
  4. Seek legal remedies

30. Which of the following statements about pedoohilia is true?

  1. Most pedophilia are ,ale
  2. Most pedophilia target a single victim for long-term sexual abuse
  3. Almost all pedophiles actually molest children
  4. Most pedophiles are so upset by their own urges that they never act on them

31. Which of the following statements is true?

  1. Many therapists would admit feeling sexually attracted to some of their clients
  2. There is no power issue involved when a therapist sexually harasses a client
  3. It is ethical (morally ok) for psychotherapists to have sexaul relationships with their clients
  4. Therapists must end therapy with clients if they feel sexually attracted to them

32. According to a 2004 report published by the u.s department of education, about what percentage of incidents of sexual misconduct in u.s schools were performed by women?

  1. 60
  2. 25
  3. 5
  4. 40

33. Which of the following is least likely to be an example of sexual harassment?

  1. Leering (staring hard) at a co-worker’s body
  2. Hanging nude pictures in your office cubicle where others can see them
  3. Telling sexual jokes
  4. Politely asking a co-worker to go on a date

34. Mary has been charged with statutory rape. What crime did she supposedly commit?

  1. She had sex with a minor (under age 18)
  2. She rubbed herself sexually in public place
  3. She performed sodomy on another woman
  4. She tired to have sex with a statue
  5. She forced cunnilingus on her husband against his will

35. Some people say that rape is motivated by a desire for power. Others say is motivated by a desire for sex. Dr. weinreich and the textbook authors give evidence that:

  1. Rape is motivated mostly by desire for sex
  2. It is pointless to try to analyze this issue, rape is a crime, nothing more
  3. Rape is motivated mostly by a desire for power
  4. Rape is motivated by both sexual desire and desire for pwoer

36. All of the following are myths about rape. All are false. Three of them are mentioned in the text. The one that is not mentioned is:

37. Which of these drugs is an odorless, tasteless, and (until recently) colorless tranquilizer used by sexual assailants?

  1. Flagyl
  2. Rohypnol
  3. Kwell
  4. Protease inhibitors

38. One rape myth is that a woman can be blamed for her rape because of the way that she dresses. This is an example of a belief in

  1. The “token no”
  2. Victim precipitation
  3. Hyperfemininity
  4. A cohort effect

39. According to the textbook, rape performed by women usually involves

  1. Using force with a weapon
  2. A prepubescent male
  3. Helping men to attack another woman
  4. More than one woman

40. Dr. weinrich covered many topics of his “sexual coercion” lecture (in class and/or online) three are listed below. Which of the following topics was not discussed in those lectures?

  1. A detailed comparison of what happened in the legal trials of the authors of “alice in wonderland” and “peter pan” when they were tried for criminal adult- child sexaul contact
  2. Psychological experiments that implant false memories in seemingly normal people
  3. False accusations of child abuse at the mcmartin preschool

41. In childhood sexual abuse, the perpetrator( the person who causes and performes the crime) is least likely to be

  1. A sibling (brother or sister)
  2. A family friend
  3. A neighbor
  4. A stranger

42. A key part of the treatment process for rape survivors is to help the survivor

  1. Remember the details of the event
  2. Find emotional and psychological support
  3. Report the rape to police, because morally that is the right thing to do
  4. Forgive the rapist, although that will take a long time

43. Fill in the blank from dr. weinrich’s typology: (1) bad pedophiles, (2) pedophiles, (3) nearly-nice pedophiles who don’t molest anyone, and (4) people arrested for having sex with children, but who do not have a pedophilic lovemap.

  1. low-IQ
  2. Secret
  3. Sad
  4. female

44. Legally, what is the difference between the definitions fo rape and sexaul assault?

  1. Rape is penetration of the vagina by any object, sexual assault does not involve vaginal penetration
  2. Rape is forced sexaul intercourse, sexaul assault is any sexaul act not involving intercourse
  3. Rape is sexual activity without consent, sexual assault is sexaul activity with the use or threat of force
  4. Rape does not involve violence, sexaul assault does involve violence

45. Which of the following erotic materials is illegal in the united states?

  1. Erotica that involves pizza delivery men or electricians
  2. Erotica that shows anal sex
  3. Erotica that involves homosexaul acts
  4. Erotica that shows children engaging in sexual activity
  5. Erotica that shows oral intercourse

46. In the business of prostitution, a “john” is

  1. A male prostitute
  2. A customer
  3. A police officer
  4. A pimp

47. Which of the following statements about male prostitutes is false ?

  1. Male prostitutes never, or almost never, have pimps
  2. Male prostitutes with female clients are called gigolos
  3. Male prostitutes with male clients are called hustlers
  4. Male prostitutes who work while wearing women’s clothes are called call girls

48. The second gov group studying obsecenity and porngraphy was the meese commission (1986), which claimed to find

  1. No evidence that exposure to porngraphy led to sexaul offenses
  2. A cause and effect link between exposure to violent porngraphy and sexual violence
  3. That the amount of violent porngraphy was decreasing in the united states
  4. A cause and effect link between violent porngraphy and non sexaul ciminality (such as robbery)

49. According to the textbook, about reported using porngarphy. (answer below may appear in random order, I have begun each answer with A, B, C, or D to make it easier for you to rearrange them into order from highest to lowest)

  1. C, one half (55) of male students and one half (49) of female students
  2. B, three fourths (73) of male students and three fourths (74) of female students
  3. D, one third (35) of male students and one fourth (26) of female student
  4. A, nine tenths (88) of male students and one third (31) of female student

50. Which statement is true regarding people’s reactions tp porngraphy?

  1. Men tend to rate romantic scenes as more arousing than women do
  2. Men, but very few women, are phsyiologically aroused by porngraphy
  3. Women are more accepting of porngraphy that is very sexually explicit than men are
  4. Both women and men are often physiologically aroused by porngraphy

51. According to the textbook, which of the following most accurately describes feminist views on porngraphy?

  1. True feminists embrace porngraphy as an area in which women can objectify men just as much as men objectify women
  2. Feminist theories of porngraphy place the burden of “proof of non harm” (the burden of proof that porngraphy is not harmful) on the producer of the materials
  3. True feminists believe that all porngraphy is degrading to women
  4. Some feminists are strong opponents of porngraphy, while other feminists are not

52. In the 1960s, a congressional commission on obscenity and porngraphy was the first u.s gov group to study porngraphy. It found that porngraphy

  1. Was basically harmless, so congress passed laws based on the commission’s recommendations
  2. Caused violence- but the commission’s report was rejected due to pressure from lobbyists for the porn industry
  3. Was basically harmless, but the commission’s report was rejected on political grounds
  4. Caused violence and should be banned

53. According to the textbook, many male sex workers began sex work

  1. After a pedophile abducted (kidnapped) them and abused them
  2. After their sisters became prostitutes and started making a lot of money
  3. In order to pay their pimps for the illegal drugs they got addicted to
  4. After being thrown out of their parents’ home for being gay

54. According to local law, prostitution is legal in rural counties in

  1. Oklahoma and nevada
  2. Nevada
  3. California and nevada
  4. Antarctica
  5. Rhode island, delaware, and nevada

55. Which of these lists prostitutes in order from lowest to highest in the prostitute hierarchy?

  1. streetwalkers , hotel prostitutes, call girls
  2. pimps , streetwalkers, call girls
  3. Hotel prostitutes, call girls, streetwalkers
  4. Assistant professor, associate professor, full professor
  5. Call girls, hand whores, streetwalkers

56. According to the textbook (which may be out of date) a “fluffer” is

  1. A prostitute who is willing to perform paraphilic behaviors if the price is high enough
  2. An employee in the porn industry who keeps male actors aroused
  3. A prostitute who is overweight
  4. A customer of a prostitute who doesn’t pay as much as he promised

57. Approximately what percentage of internet visits are directed to sexually oriented websites, chatrooms, or newsgroups?

  1. One tenth (10)
  2. Just over half (55)
  3. One third (33)
  4. Three fourths (75)

58. The term “sex trafficking” typically refers to

  1. Prostitution paid for by drugs instead of money
  2. Prostitution inside vehicles
  3. Prostitution on street corners or in alleys
  4. Forcing people (usually children or young adults) into sex work, often in conditions similar to slavery

59. Can someone have sex addiction? In his lecture, dr. weinrich addresses this question by comparing sex addiction to :

  1. Sports addiction
  2. Addiction to shoes
  3. Addiction to cosmetics
  4. All of the above

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