DeVry University Determining the Best Training Method For CVS Pharmacy Paper Determine the best training method. Recall, again, the Summit Credit Union is

DeVry University Determining the Best Training Method For CVS Pharmacy Paper Determine the best training method.

Recall, again, the Summit Credit Union issue , or the company you selected for your Course Project, write a 2-4 page paper in APA format to address the following item:

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DeVry University Determining the Best Training Method For CVS Pharmacy Paper Determine the best training method. Recall, again, the Summit Credit Union is
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Identify at least two method(s) of training would you use to train the personnel, and why. (Consider both traditional and technology-based methods.)


Possible Points

Two methods of training identified, with explanation.


APA formatting, including in-text and reference list citations, 2-4 pages, appropriate grammar/punctuation/spelling.


Total points


PreviousNext Running Head: TRAINING
Devry University
Ebony Henderson
The first tutorial video is about investigation of crime scene that involves blood. The video is
exclusively made for training military trainees and detectives on how to deal with blood in crime
scenes. The various aspects they should observe in order to come up with useful information. It
also addresses the keen details about the blood spills that are of great significance. The objectives
of the training is to equip the audience with skills on how to derive useful information from
crime scenes to help in determining what the victim went through and also identify the suspects.
It also equips the trainees with practical skills on the same since they are given a chance to visit a
fresh crime scene. The time taken to train the audience theoretically is short. However, practical
training can take a long time ranging from minutes to hours since a crime scene is involved.
The information provided by the tutorial is very useful. It starts by informing the
audience about the constituents of blood; this is important in helping them understand what the
blood samples would be analyzed for so as to match them to the respective person either the
victim or the suspect (Dutelle, 2014). It also equips the trainees with skills on how to observe the
patterns which the blood forms upon spillage in order to determine the impact the victim
experienced, the type of weapon used, the location of the victim during the attack and to
determine the number of times the victim was struck among others (Sazdovska, 2011).
The method of training is significant and detailed. It involves the use of videos which
help break the monotony of listening to a lecture; this improves understanding of the subject. The
video is also short thereby ensuring maximum concentration of the trainees. The training also
includes a practical section which equips the recruits with real life situation upon which they are
expected to exercise the skills learned in the video.
Despite this being the best method of training military recruits, there are other alternative
training techniques. They include the use of brochures or documents that provide instructions to
be followed whenever dealing with blood at the crime scene. The other alternative is training the
individuals by detectives while in duty. In both cases, a lot of time is spend before the trainee
grasps the crucial facts about the information since a lot of commitment is required from the
The other video is about handling hair found in a crime scene. Just as the tutorial on
handling blood in crime scenes, it targets military trainees and detectives. The information
provided in the tutorial equips the trainees with skills on where to make keen observation to find
hair, how to collect and analyses it later on. In the case of sexual assault, the trainee is urged to
make observations on the pillows, beds on any other item or wear that belongs to the suspect to
find any hair remnants.
Just as the tutorial on dealing with blood in crime scene, this tutorial is short in order to
ensure maximum concentration of the trainees to grasp all the important details. The tutorial is
also simple and clear to improve understanding of the subject. Moreover, a real life situation is
involved to equip the trainee with skills and firsthand information on collecting hair from a crime
scene and using it to derive useful information about the identification of the suspect. The use of
a combination of a tutorial and a practical session to train the employees breaks the monotony
and drudgery that is as a result of indulging in long theoretical trainings. In addition, the trainees
have some sort of control in the trainings; this is because the trainings are engaging and the
leaners’ concentration and commitment are necessary.
The two tutorial are similar. The only difference is that they both involve observation of
different components of a crime scene and analysis of the components in order to come up with
useful information and details that help identify the suspects.
As much as there are other training alternatives such as traditional training techniques
whereby, the military recruits are trained by experienced detectives in seminars, workshops or
while in duty, Training using technology that offers a combination of both theoretical session in
form of a video and a practical session that involves a real crime scene is more effective.
Despite it being relatively expensive and time consuming, the trainees have access to
firsthand information and practical skills of dealing with crime scenes. The training is short and
precise. It offers only the fundamental details about crime scenes and the respective components
to observe keenly, where to observe and the conclusions to deduce based on the appearance of
the component as well as its genetic constituents. The technique also facilitates fast learning and
grasping of the necessary skills. Training through the use of technology is relatively cheaper for
the firm administering the trainings; This is because, the extra costs that would have been used to
pay experienced detectives to carry out the training on crime scene investigation is eliminated.
Access to the training is independent on whether someone attends the training or not. The
information is available to a wide range of people due to the increased use of improved
Training military recruits on the various ways of investigating crime scenes by observing
different aspects is fundamental in improving accuracy of investigations and efficiency of
identifying suspects and law breakers and imposing the necessary punishments as per the crimes
committed. The training can be done through various methods including the use of technology
such as tutorials. Regardless the challenges of various training techniques, they should be
detailed enough to provide adequate information to the trainees. This helps reduce the crime
rates as well as promote security and safety of the citizens.
Dutelle, A. W. (2014). An introduction to crime scene investigation. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.
Sazdovska, M. M. (2011). Usage of special investigation measures in detecting environmental
crime: International and Macedonian perspective. In Understanding and managing
threats to the environment in South Eastern Europe (pp. 123-134). Springer, Dordrecht.
Running Head: SMART GOALS
Smart Goals
Institutional Affiliation
Name: Ebony Henderson
Date: 11/25/2019
Smart Goals
Objective One
Motivate the employees of the organization.
The employees are supposed to participate in the training exercise organized by the
management. This is to help them improve their work and motivate them in two months.
The participants for the exercise should be employees who have worked for the
organization for a substantial amount of time. Employees who are interested in kidneys should
also be considered (O’Neill, et al. 2000).
The participants should show commitment and dedication to the training program by
concentrating and doing research that could boost their learning process.
The SMART goal for objective one
To meet the motivation goal for the CVS employees through the training program
implemented by the management that is supposed to take place in two months with their work
performance tracked every two weeks to see if it is working.
Objective Two
Risk Management for the CVS organization
The employees are supposed to participate in the training program in case they are
confronted with a case of kidney failure. In this way, they know how to handle it better and what
medicine to prescribe.
The participants for this exercise should be highly vigilant employees that can grasp
knowledge within a short period.
The employees should show a thirst for knowledge regarding the kidney and the
associated diseases. This is to help them identify what needs to be done in such cases.
SMART goal objective
To reduce the risk associated with handling patients who have kidney issues by
implementing a two-month training program for wittiest employees. Their development will be
checked immediately after the training program by undergoing an examination.
Objective Three
Upping the skills of the employees.
Employees are to participate in the training program to enhance their skills as medical
Every employee should be given a chance to participate when it comes to this objective.
However, an elimination method is to be decided upon to help in identifying the most eligible
employees for the exercise.
Everyone should be given a chance to volunteer for this exercise but should be informed
of the actions in the training exercise.
SMART goal objective
To increase the skills of the CVS employees by ensuring that they participate in the six
months training program. The elimination to identify the most eligible ones should take place
after two months of training in which the other is to continue for four months (O’Neill, et al.
O’Neill, J., & Conzemius, A. (2006). The power of smart goals. Using goals to improve student
learning. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree.
O’Neill, J. (2000). SMART goals, SMART schools. Educational Leadership, 57(5), 46-50.
Running head: CVS PHARMACY
CVS Pharmacy
Ebony Henderson
DATE: 11/17/2019
CVS Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy is under the healthcare company and was founded in nineteen sixtythree. This health company’s headquarters is found in Rhode Island, Woonsocket. The
company sells over the counter prescribed drugs. The stock value of the company has been
72. Forty-nine dollars and has maintained an upward trajectory. It is vital to note that there
have been no significant changes in the stock prices of the company. Two gaps were
identified in the market. One entailed expansion while the other one entailed getting into the
treatment of kidney disease. For this, training is needed. It is, therefore, essential to note that
the company requires employees that can be able to deal with these new changes adequately
hence the exercise.
This would necessitate the need to incorporate learning styles into the pharmacy. This
is because this is a learning opportunity for these employees. They are supposed to be taught
what they do not know. These employees need to be trained in the best possible ways. The
first learning style identified was social learning. This entails grouping people together so that
they can learn from each other. Groups can be said to be teams. Grouping CVS employees
into teams is advantageous in different ways. For one, they can easily be controlled, and
therefore communication is much more comfortable. Secondly, they can use these groups to
influence each other with what they did not know. They can share information, and this helps
in the achievement of the overall goal of the training.
It is important to note that social learning creates room for people to work with each other as
much as possible. Furthermore, this is advantageous for the pharmacy because these
employees interact with different people daily. This will impact their interactions with the
patients positively. Social learning also creates some comfort. This is because people can
work better in an environment they are used to. In this case, seeing familiar faces might
influence them positively.
The other learning style that I would highly recommend would be logistics. When it
comes to healthcare, a simple mistake can cost lots of lives. This is why it is important to be
always careful. This is also the case when working in a pharmacy. Care is needed. Logistics
involves the use of the human brain to solve issues. This calls for working through problems
in a systematic way. Everything in the healthcare system needs to be supported by the
necessary statistics. It is vital to note that using logic and reason in the healthcare industry is
highly recommended.
Furthermore, to identify the right drugs needed for kidney disease is an essential
factor to be considered. Logic and reasoning will help with the memory of the employees.
Therefore, fewer mistakes are made when it comes to identifying the right drugs in the
Verbal learning as a style is essential. This picks on the ability of a person to
effectively communicate. Communication is vital for organizations. This is because
miscommunication can cause massive losses for the pharmacy. Teaching the employees using
speech and writing can go a long way to help with the training. Talking to the employees
through the different procedures of teaching them is an essential step when it comes to
training. This is because it helps them understand what is happening (Williams, et al. 2019).
Additionally, noting down what is important will help them memorize it for future
references. Writing has been a technique used to help people remember what they are taught.
In this case, it will work just the same. Verbal learning is also engaging. This helps create an
environment that people are comfortable in. A pleasant environment influences employees in
an organization. This can be a factor for the success of the training.
The main objective of the training is to equip employees with the necessary skills to
become better workers. This is also the case when it comes to the CVS pharmacy. This is
because they need the capabilities to improve so that they can be able to accommodate the
changes in the organization. It is important to note that for the employees to become better
workers, they need training. The organization also needs these employees if it is to expand
and accommodate the changes when it comes to treating kidney failure. They, therefore, need
each other. The condition of the employees cannot be said to be dire. These are people that
have been working in a particular organization and therefore know how to effectively handle
themselves. They also know the basic things when it comes to managing the pharmacy. This
helps with the training in that the outcome is expected to be positive. Furthermore, the
selected employees showed promising factors.
Risk management is also a factor that counts when it comes to training employees.
The aim is to reduce the risk of workers and the organization in terms of accidents and
customer complaints. If CVS were reckless, then there would be no need for the training of
employees. However, CVS needs to implement the changes in the organization, and therefore
this necessitates the preparation of these employees. CVS’s main aim is to ensure that a safer
environment is created while still achieving its financial and overall organizational goals.
Thirdly, increasing motivation and engagement of the employees is an objective to train the
employees. Employees will feel catered and cared for if the organization considers them
when it comes to training. This will, in turn, influence them in terms of motivation. This is a
factor to be considered when organizations are gunning to be successful.
SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and Timely. These are
the criteria used to analyse the goals and objectives of an organization. When it comes to this
case, the training objectives were three (Culleton, et al. 2019). These were; increase
motivation, risk management, and up the skills of the workers in the organization. Risk
management, as a goal, was specific. This is because risk management is a factor that needs
to be considered in a healthcare institution.
Furthermore, the pharmacy needs to manage its risks to influence profits effectively.
This goal is also attainable. This is because the training of employees will significantly
reduce the chances of uncertainty in the organization. The relevancy of this goal is, however,
questionable. This is because the goal makes sense when it comes to the pharmacy; it does
not make sense as to why it is essential now. Upping the skills of the employees is a crucial
factor that needs to be considered when it comes SMART criterion. This goal attained all of
the points when it came to specifying, measurable, attainable, relevancy, and timely. Lastly,
increasing motivation as a goal was not measurable as a goal but was attainable.
Retail Pharmacy Offering | CVS Health. (2019). Retrieved 9 November 2019, from
CVS Health Corp. (2019). Retrieved 9 November 2019, from
Culleton, B. (2019). Better Care for Patients with Kidney Disease | CVS Health Payor
Solutions. Retrieved 9 November 2019, from
WILLIAMS, M. (2019). CVS SWOT Analysis (Internal & External Strategic Factors) Rancord Society. Retrieved 9 November 2019, from
Methods for Conducting Training Need Analysis – Part 5. (2016). Retrieved 9 November
2019, from

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