California State Human Sexuality and Diversity Multidisciplinary Analysis So the one that I’m doing is “gender roles” i attached how the essay should look

California State Human Sexuality and Diversity Multidisciplinary Analysis So the one that I’m doing is “gender roles” i attached how the essay should look like.. please make sure to include the Anthropology, Psychology, social psychologyI will attached what i started please feel free to not use it or create your own lol Multidisciplinary Analysis on Gender Roles
A Multidisciplinary Analysis on Gender Roles
Veronica Ramirez
Human Sexuality and Sex Education 425
California State University, Long Beach
April 16, 2016
Word Count: 1999
Multidisciplinary Analysis on Gender Roles
Men and women express their sexuality differently. The difference between the
expressions of sexuality has been an ongoing topic of discussion because different disciplines
offer different or similar explanations for the differences in these two genders. As noted in class,
human sexuality has to do with the way individuals express their interests, affection, and
attractions with other individuals to have sexual or romantic behaviors. The expression of human
sexuality can range from the act of having intercourse to the fantasies humans may have of
others. Gender roles dictate the actions and behaviors humans will perform with their sexuality.
Society is controlled by these sets of norms people think are acceptable or not acceptable simply
based by their sex. For this paper, only male and female gender roles will be discussed pertaining
to human sexuality. Gender roles and human sexuality will be examined through the following
disciplines: anthropology, psychology, and sociology in order to discuss the significance of how
gender roles affect the behaviors individuals engage in different aspects of human sexuality.
According to Manago et al. (2014), there are some cultures that use the biological
changes in men and woman to ascribe the qualities and roles that are ideal for each gender. The
theory of sociodemographic change is used to describe the constant changes that happen between
familial interdependence and personal independence when looking at sexual and gender role
socialization (Manago et al. 2014, p. 198). In this article, the theory explains how sexual and
gender role development and change occur when the sociodemographics change as well. For
example, in an urbanized society where there is better education, capitalism, and technology, the
idea of sexual development of procreation shifts towards individual pleasure. These societies
Multidisciplinary Analysis on Gender Roles
change their ideologies about what each gender should do, and focus more on what each gender
wants to do when it comes to their sexuality.
In the communities with informal schooling and more agricultural labor, sexuality is
linked towards only procreation and upholding the family (Mango et al. 2014, p. 201). This idea
explains the large emphasizes made on prioritizing human sexuality with procreation and nothing
else. Within these communities the main goal for sexuality is to form families and groups,
kinships that will benefit the family. In China, the compatibility between families is more
important than the relationship between the bride and groom. In Japan, the parents decide who
the partner will be and if the couple falls in love before the marriage, it is seen as immoral. These
examples provided by the article demonstrate how sexuality is seen beneficial for the families
and not the individuals to fulfill their sexuality.
Gender roles for women include, raising children, and being close to the home to take
care of domestic tasks. Yet, for men they are geared to have more “productive tasks” and to be
away from the home (Mango et al. 2014, p. 202). These traits are unfair and unequal because
these communities restrict the wants for both men and women. Studies have demonstrated that
gender role differences are more common in underdeveloped countries than developed countries.
Men are more dominant in these communities and women are seen as inferior. Men and women
understand their roles and do not have an opportunity to express their sexuality because they
know it is only for procreation.
Similarly, in another article Higgins (2015) study, the researcher explains how middle
class women from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam experience gender inequality when it comes to
work and home burden. The women face more domestic labor leaving to be more responsible for
the family. The researcher did intensive work for 2 years to understand how gender was shown
Multidisciplinary Analysis on Gender Roles
in this community in Vietnam. All of the women that were researched worked outside the home.
It is no surprise that even though women are participating paid labor; they are left with the
responsibility of taking care of the family. When discussing sexuality, emotional and physical
bonding is important to discuss. The division of responsibility is unequal if the couples procreate.
Women are responsible for nurturing their children and taking care of their husbands all
while working at the same time outside of home (Higgins, 2015, p. 77). They hold the
responsibility of keeping everyone satisfied and this becomes troublesome because they do have
the help to divide this responsibility. It is made clear that the husband is absent when raising
children and some women fear leaving their children alone with their husbands. The fear is that
the father does not know to interact with the children or how to take care of the children’s needs.
Being a woman and entering womanhood means she is responsible for domestic work that
includes taking care of the children and nurturing them. The mental and physical strain they
experience is unequal. The work should be divided evenly because the feelings and physical
emotions demonstrate the love, interest, and care humans have amongst each other.
In the following section of the paper, sex education will be discussed to explain the
personal decisions adolescents make when they want to explore their sexuality. The behaviors
individuals make are constructed by society and by what they learn from society. The media is
an important source of information, and sex education is a topic that is repeatedly shown. Yet,
studies have shown that there is inaccurate information delivered to adolescents causing them to
engage in sexual behavior and many times unsafe sexual behaviors. Humans participate in
behaviors when they are exposed to that behavior for long periods of times, they use this
remembered action to decide their behavior as well. The importance of the influence media has
Multidisciplinary Analysis on Gender Roles
on adolescents shows that proper information should be shown in the media in order to decrease
teen pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, early sexual behaviors, and unsafe behaviors.
According to Hust et al. (2008), the media is a strong messenger for the adolescents when
it comes to the topic about sex. The sexual content that is shown in the media does not promote
healthy decisions about sex behavior. The concept of sexual socialization is discussed in this
article to describe how gender roles differ for boys and girls. Parents are the first people to
discuss the topic of sex, yet studies have shown that parents find it challenging to discuss.
Schools are promoting sex education, but information is limited because of their age and
abstinence is promoted more. Birth control and contraceptives are not discussed unless a
pregnancy has occurred. The problem about this is that it is too late, and it could have been
avoided if the knowledge was given to the adolescents sooner.
The social cognitive theory is discussed and used to explain that adolescents mimic the
character’s actions in these sexual interactions and romantic relationships they watch in the
media (Hust et al., 2008, p. 5). If adolescents are frequently exposed to scenes and scripts that
promote promiscuous behaviors, the adolescents will engage in early sexual behaviors and
unsafe behaviors as well. The study demonstrated how there are less preventative measures of
unwanted pregnancies and STD’s. If a man loses his virginity he is praised, yet if a woman loses
her virginity she is frowned upon. If a girl became pregnant, the boy left her and she had to
become responsible for the baby. This message is repeated in the media leading mothers to
become single mothers without any support from the father’s baby. This demonstrates how boys
socially cognitive learn that sex is only fun and responsibility should not be considered as a
consequences if a pregnancy occurs. Regardless of gender, both men and women need to take
full responsibility of their sexual behaviors and engage in safer behaviors.
Multidisciplinary Analysis on Gender Roles
For this section of the paper, the topic about sexual activity will be discussed to
demonstrate the differences in gender roles when it comes to making decisions of how to explore
and manifest sex. In these next two articles, sociologists examine the social behavior of
individuals to explain the origins of the sex education adolescents receive. Both articles conclude
that males and females receive sex education differently and this is problematic because their
behaviors differ causing them to not make wise decisions about safe sex. Sex education is s
private and intimate topic that is often times not discussed at home. The stereotypes about gender
roles in the topic about sexuality need to change in order to decrease unwanted pregnancies and
In the study Pearson (2006), the risk of contraceptive use is discussed. The decision to
use a contraceptive tends to change based on the gender because each gender has roles that are
appropriate or inappropriate. In this study, gender and self-efficacy were studied to conclude that
personal beliefs influence sexual negotiation. Unfortunately, the study concluded that safe sex
behavior is more significant for girls than for boys. But they do not feel they have the power to
demand contraceptive onto their partner. The importance of girls feeling the need to use a
contraceptive is linked to the stronger burden women feel in the domestic sphere and
responsibility. Men gain status if they engage in sex, and women should feel the same as well if
they would like to safe sex behavior should not be discourages among men, it should be
encouraged that same for women too.
Lastly, according to Sanchez et al. (2012), the traditional gender roles individuals engage
in when it comes to a reflection of their intimacy demonstrate that “female submissiveness and
male dominance” is continuing to occur (Sanchez et al., 2012, p. 168). The study concluded how
Multidisciplinary Analysis on Gender Roles
men feel more desire for sexual activities than women. But women too engage in sexual
activities, yet it has been concluded that they do this to become more intimate with their partners.
Intimacy differs among genders, yet it has been stereotyped that women should be patient and
wait, while men should initiate the behavior. Women feel restricted to demonstrate assertiveness
because of the patriarchal concept in the topic about intimacy.
The problem women submissiveness has shown that if they engage in this behavior they
are conforming to gender roles and often times are unsatisfied. Their low levels of satisfaction
can be eliminated if the constant thought of them being controlled was eliminated. Men can
satisfy their partner the same way women can satisfy their partner. The traditional gender roles of
sexuality can cause sexual problems because men and women do not explore their intimacy as
much as they would like to. Men and women should come to the same terms to explore their
sexuality and there should not be inequalities in something intimate as sex.
Self Reflection
Human sexuality includes different topics and it is important to understand that it does
not only pertain to sex, but the relationships that are built and the personal decisions people make
to explore their sexuality. The needs and wants of humankind are not always permanent and can
change if the sociodemographics change as well. Demographic characteristics include the sex,
language, place of residence, or SES in other words, and the sociological traits are the beliefs,
values, and status within a group.
The examinations of gender roles in studies that have focused on human sexuality
demonstrate the importance of how gender differences affect sexuality. The values of
motherhood are valued more in societies where there is a lack of formal schooling, lack of
industrial work, and. Human sexuality is not only about procreation and it should not be linked
Multidisciplinary Analysis on Gender Roles
with womanhood. Both men and women should participate in the responsibility of the
exploration of sexuality. The studies demonstrate how families play an important role in the
decision making because they think domesticity is more relevant to a woman than outside
interests like profession jobs or obtaining a higher education this limits their ability to explore
their sexuality and personal pleasure. Times have changed and both men and woman should have
the power to explore their sexuality without being forced to engage in one particular behavior
because of their gender.
Multidisciplinary Analysis on Gender Roles
Higgins, R. (2015), Is It My Job to Make Him Care? Middle-Class Women and Gender
Inequality in Ho Chi Minh City. Anthropol Work Rev, 36, 74–86.
Hust, S. T., Brown, J. D., & L’Engle, K. L. (2008). Boys Will Be Boys and Girls Better Be
Prepared- An Analysis of the Rare Sexual Health Messages in Young Adolescents’
Media. Mass Communication & Society, 11(1), 3-23.
Manago, A. M.,
Greenfield, P. M.,
Kim J L. and Ward, L. M. (2014). Changing Cultural
Pathways through Gender Role and Sexual Development: A Theoretical Framework.
Ethnos, 42(2), 198-221.
Pearson, J. (2006). Personal Control, Self-Efficacy in Sexual Negotiation, and Contraceptive
Risk among Adolescents: The Role of Gender. Sex Roles, 54(9/10), 615-625.
Sanchez, D. T., Fetterolf, J. C., and Rudman, L. A. (2012). Eroticizing Inequality in the United
States: The Consequences and Determinants of Traditional Gender Role Adherence in
Intimate Relationships. Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, 49 (2/3),168-183.
The Revolution on Gender Roles
The Revolution on Gender Roles
A’ja McNichols
Human Sexuality and Sex Education 425
California State University, Long Beach
November 17, 2019
The Revolution on Gender Roles
When you think of gender roles the first thing that comes to your mind is the man being
dominate and the women playing the role of a submissive “house wife”. In today’s society,
Gender roles are characterized by men and women having a set role that society expects
individuals to play because of their sexual orientation. Within socially constructed identities,
men learn adequate gender roles in accordance to the masculinity expectations of their role
whereas women are supposed to do all the domestic work. Throughout history gender roles has
undergone significant changes over the past couple of years. Men and women differ in their
Different bodies of knowledge have attempted to study and explain these changes in a matter that
men and women differ in their sexuality.
B. Multidisciplinary Analysis of Human Sexuality and Diversity (200
points, 20%)
Learning Objectives
1. Critically analyze information from academic/professional sources.
2. Use electronic databases to find articles.
3. Practice reading professional writing and recognize valid research and understand the results.
4. Practice using good writing techniques to support a thesis.
5. Use multiple perspectives to look at a single issue of culture and gender.
General Instructions
Select one of the topics listed below and develop a paper that analyzes issues of human
sexuality from multidisciplinary perspectives. Apply concepts from three distinctly different
disciplines of human study to analyze the particular phenomenon, see listing below one from each
column. Incorporate theoretical frameworks, theoretical constructs and other “explanations” that
have been used by these disciplines to create a perspective that will provide a possible “explanation”
for the issue. This should be the way the discipline approaches the topic, it should not be a listing of
findings. For example do not give a historic account of the topic but rather how historians synthesize
the historical significance of the phenomenon. The last part of the paper is reflective.
Selected Topics (additional topics can be used with the approval of the
Atypical sexual behaviors
Sexuality in the elderly or disabled
Physical attractiveness
Human pair bonding
Romantic love
Gender roles
Formatting & Requirements
1. Length: Paper length is 1500 words minimum (excluding title page, references, and any
graphics/tables or charts). Length should be determined by coverage of topics, some authors will
need more than the minimum word count to appropriately cover all of the assignment
2. Resources: This is a research based assignment, sources must be scholarly, use of web sites is
allowed but they must be reliable and use references (i.e. they cite where there information came
from). Minimum of 5 academic sources, one of which must be a peer reviewed journal article.
Your text book, encyclopedias and dictionaries do not count (they may be used as additional
sources). Wikipedia is not an academic source, you also may not use ProCon. To be considered
an academic source for this assignment the source must have a date and an author.
3. Thesis: Your thesis (in italics) should clearly state the argument or claim that will be developed
in the paper..
4. Formatting:
Typed, double spaced, Times Roman font, 1 inch margins, font size 12.
Title page: including name, class section number, name of the assignment, your specific title
for the assignment, and word count.
The entire assignment should be strictly double-spaced, with no additional space before or
after each line (check you paragraph settings).
Papers must have running headers and page numbers, on every page. This is in the header
not the body of the document.
Subject headings are required and should indicate the subject that will follow. APA format
for a level one heading is; centered, boldfaced, with title case capitalization. You do not
need a heading for your introduction.
Citations must be in APA citation format for both in text citations and reference list. Cite all
sources you use. When referring to a source cited in an article do not cite the original article
if you did not read it, use “as cited in”.
5. The assignment must use college-level writing including spelling, verb usage and tense,
grammar, vocabulary, sentence formation and paragraph development. Third person should be
used for all sections of the paper except for the reflection part. Use of direct quotes should be
limited (not more than 10% of paper), paraphrasing is preferred for most situations.
6. Please submit paper to the drop box timely to avoid “computer malfunctions”; it can be done any
time in the semester before the due time. To access Turnitin go to Beach Board and find the drop
box. Turnitin can only read MSWord, Word Perfect PostScrip, Acrobat PDF, HTML, RIF and
Plain text files. It is your responsibility to be sure it is a file type that it can read, papers
submitted in the incorrect format will be considered late. It will not tell you if it cannot read it.
Double check that you paper has been submitted by checking your Turnitin Report (not
Receipt). Preferred submission is MSWord.
7. Use the rubric to check your work for omissions. Do not submit the rubric.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated, if in doubt cite. Direct quotations (meaning the authors words)
require quotation marks as well as citations. Not understanding the need to use quotation marks is
not a defense if you do not understand proper citation of quotes please see the
instructor during office hours.

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